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Q&A: What Technology Solutions Should Retailers Use to Streamline Supply Chain Operations?

Blurred interior of home improvement retailer store in America

In retail, optimizing ordering, shipping and delivery processes is integral to maintaining – and improving – customer satisfaction. To that end, retailers and manufacturers must make use of the latest technologies to ensure they are doing all they can to keep customers happy and streamline operations.   To explore a few solutions retailers can use […]

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5 EMM Essentials for Managing Enterprise Mobile Devices


Enterprise Mobile Device Solutions Workers that rely on their mobile devices in extreme environmental conditions depend on having always-on connectivity, wherever and whenever they’re in the field. Enterprise mobile device users are likely to spend their days out of the office — in the field responding to fires and emergencies; on the manufacturing floor ensuring […]

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What Can Buying Cars Teach Us About Technical Debt?

Car key, businessman handing over gives the car key to the other woman on car background.

Innovative technology platforms, hardware and software will age over time. As the maintenance cost of the technology will continue to increase, at some point, this will have to be replaced with newer technology. Emergency Management explains how a government can go about allocating funds for replacement of such technical debt, training their employees on it […]

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