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How Mobile Technology Powers the Food Supply Chain

Forklift carries crates of fruit. Many apples in container

Food Supply Chain Management Trends The food service distribution industry plays a vital role in the U.S. economy. With annual sales of $280 billion in 2017, it operates 153,000 total vehicles and employs 131,000 drivers. In fact, the industry’s total employment impact is more than 1 million jobs nationwide, more than the number of people […]

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The Quickest Route to Intelligent Manufacturing, Part II

The Quickest Way to Intelligent Manufacturing Part II

  Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, Internet of Things, mobile devices, etc. are increasingly being applied in manufacturing, warehousing and other areas of the supply chain by more and more companies. In the following article, Forbes reflects on how analytics can solve problems more efficiently, thus aiding in the progress and growth of companies.   Focus on solving […]

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5G is poised to transform manufacturing

Industrial technology concept. Factory automation. Smart factory. INDUSTRY 4.0

As 5G promises faster, more reliable connections than its predecessors, businesses with 5G services and IoT applications, that require low latency or high-speed data transfer applications, are likely to benefit the most from it. The following article from NetworkWorld reflects on the readiness of the manufacturing sector for this service, its potential along with likely […]

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