Why IT Needs Enterprise Mobility Solutions in the Last Mile

Modern IT departments have a lot of responsibilities. And with nearly 41% of modern workforces utilizing some form of remote work, the challenges they face are only increasing. To avoid being stretched too thin, IT workers use an array of enterprise mobility solutions to maintain security and functionality when it comes to business technology.

But when it’s time to roll out new tech, it’s easy to see how IT can become overwhelmed.

Bogged down with service and support requests, IT workers sometimes lack the necessary bandwidth to also focus on implementation of new devices. The right partner can help alleviate the burden on IT without sacrificing user productivity. 

How Last Mile Provides Enterprise Mobility Solutions for IT

Modern enterprise mobility management requires workers to be equipped for a multitude of tasks such as providing technical support across a various kinds of devices, facilitating communication between remote and in-person workers, and even maintaining company websites.

However, while the list of IT professional services continues to grow, manpower doesn’t necessarily grow at the same rate:

  • The median ratio of IT staff to overall employees in smaller companies is 1:18. In large companies, the ratio can jump to 1:40. These larger ratios translate into more work for each individual IT worker.
  • In the public sector, multiple agencies may share the same IT department. This can result in agencies such as police and fire departments having to compete for IT support that isn’t specifically dedicated to their needs.
  • In some cases, there may be no in-house IT department at all, with many of these tasks simply falling to the most tech-savvy employee available. 

These issues can lead to IT workers being so busy with day-to-day operations that they are unable to focus on bigger-picture issues such as planning and implementation.

Last Mile Deployment Simplifies Implementation

Integrating new technology is a major event. On one hand, utilizing the best available tech is imperative to maximizing your workforce potential. But making sure that tech is installed and configured correctly and that workers are prepared to interact with it on day one poses a significant IT hurdle. If not handled correctly, this can result in operational disruptions and unnecessary stress.

Panasonic Connect’s Last Mile Deployment service is designed to make things easy. Last Mile Deployment consists of multiple support services that can be tailored to each project’s specific needs, including: 

  • IT consultation
  • Image creation
  • Image deployment
  • Final on-site ready-to-go deployment 

By supporting you throughout the process, Last Mile Deployment imparts many important benefits: 

  • Consistent quality. Our U.S.-based experts provide unmatched familiarity with TOUGHBOOK devices. Standardized processes ensure reliable, high-quality results so all tech will be operational and ready to use immediately when it’s in your users’ hands.
  • Reduced downtime. Expertise leads to efficient deployment, minimizing impact on normal business operations. Support for IT also allows internal teams to focus on other issues, allowing normal operations to continue without interruption.
  • Single point of contact. Different businesses have different support needs. A single point of contact facilitates customization of services so organizations receive support in the way that will be most beneficial.
  • Cost-effective. Last Mile Deployment is designed to save not just time, but also money. High-quality, efficient deployments mean workers can reach maximum productivity faster and avoid problems down the road, saving money in the long run. 

Last Mile Deployment is the perfect short-term enterprise mobility solution for project-based deployment support.


Other Enterprise Mobility Solutions to Support Business Operations

While deployment support can be a great help for many IT departments, the best tech partners offer support through all levels of IT professional services. With that in mind, we offer an array of enterprise mobility solutions to help you choose the level of support you need to get the most out of your tech.

IT Professional Services

Businesses and organizations need partners who will support them along all stages of tech evolution. Panasonic Connect Professional Services offers this start-to-finish support. In addition to ongoing customer support throughout the life of a device, professional services are also available for potential issues as varied as warranty support to app development. Professional services ensure that organizations have all the help they need to navigate the technological landscape both now and through any advancements yet to come.



Staff Augmentation Services

Last Mile Deployment is a great short-term enterprise mobility solution, but what about organizations in need of longer-term support?

Staff Augmentation Services allow businesses to utilize Panasonic Connect expert support as an extension of their existing IT staff. Flexible augmentation durations billed at an hourly rate allow businesses to choose the option that best suits their needs. And as all resources are managed by the customer, you can be confident that you will receive everything you need and nothing you don’t.

TOUGHBOOK as a Service

For many organizations, new technology can feel out of reach due to budgetary constraints. The most up-to-date tech may feel too costly to procure.

TOUGHBOOK as a Service (TaaS) is a subscription service that allows organizations to access new technology in a way that is in line with their budgets. By allowing you to shift costs from CAPEX to OPEX funds, TaaS provides a more budget-friendly option. And, as costs can be stretched over years (as opposed to one upfront price), TaaS helps relieve budgetary stress, allowing everyone access to the best tech available.

The Right Partner Makes Enterprise Mobility Management Easy

From increased reliance on mobile devices to the transformative potential of AI, technology is a more vital part of the workplace than ever. To make sure businesses get the most out of their tech, IT departments need flexible enterprise mobility solutions that fit their specific needs. 

A partner like Panasonic Connect provides support for IT and helps make enterprise mobility management easy. From installation support such as Last Mile Deployment to ongoing support during every stage of the lifespan of a device, Panasonic Connect helps you get the most out of your tech.