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Two Major Ways Proof of Delivery Solutions Help Retailers Meet Customer Expectations


Fast, efficient last-mile delivery can make the difference between satisfied customers and losing them to competitors. E-commerce growth has only fueled demand for improved delivery experiences. Proof of delivery technology offers a solution, leveraging mobile devices and automated software to accurately track orders in real time. In this article from Panasonic, POD technology is helping […]

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Selecting the Right Order Picking System for Your Warehouse

VoicePicking Final Warehouse_Headphones_Image_JW.jpg

When companies implement advanced picking technologies in their fulfillment centers, picked units per hour, worker productivity, order accuracy, and customer satisfaction rates rise. Panasonic’s Brett Whitaker explains the key benefits of voice picking and the related technologies helping firms achieve their fulfillment goals.   Order picking, the process of pulling items from inventory to fill customer […]

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The Retail Customer Experience: What’s In Store?

Retail store

These days, it’s not enough for retailers to settle for delivering consistent transactions with customers. Streamlined and seamless omnichannel shopping, leveraging leading edge retail technologies, is the new CX standard. Read on to see what Business2Community says about the current state of retail.  A few years ago, trade publications were plastered with phrases like “the […]

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How to Use Mobile Devices to Enhance Warehouse Management

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Customers want their orders faster than ever while labor and transportation costs continue to rise. To improve operational efficiency and work more productively, companies are embracing the integration of mobile solutions throughout the supply chain. Here are four ways this technology is helping organizations achieve these goals, operate profitably, and keep customers happy. We’re in […]

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