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Sensor Tech And IoT: Building The Intelligent Supply Chain

Truck is carrying container is parking in front warehouse at night time

With the digitalization of supply chains, the first challenge was converting old processes into agile ones. The challenge now is not just organizing the data that has come from these new systems but understanding how IoT can further augment supply chain processes. In this article by Manufacturing Business Technology, find out how businesses can utilize […]

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Introducing the TOUGHBOOK 55: A Powerful, Versatile and Customizable Tool Engineered Specifically for the Mobile Worker


Today’s workforce and the way we accomplish our work is evolving faster than ever before thanks to the rapid pace of digital innovation. That’s why Panasonic is evolving with mobile workers who face new challenges every day. To make work better for them, we’re introducing the TOUGHBOOK 55 with a customer-driven modular design that supports […]

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