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Thinking Outside the Box: Next-Generation Uses for Rugged Mobile Technology

AF superstock_4029r-177341 photo.jpg

The Air Force has long relied on rugged mobile devices for everything from maintaining aircraft in dusty and humid environments to protect air bases around the world. These missions, and nearly all others, require highly dependable state-of-the-art rugged mobile devices that provide optimal connectivity. As the Air Force continues to push the envelope with using […]

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‘Digital twins’ have positive plant-wide impact

In High Tech Futuristic Factory Chief Engineer Works with Holographic Projection 3D Model of the Engine Turbine Prototype. Futuristic Desing of Virtual Mixed Reality Application.

The ability to predict a problem before it happens is a necessity in order to keep production moving without too much downtime or unforeseen maintenance costs. Now, digital twin models are able to replicate machinery, workflows, and changes in data before they’re implemented into production to help manufacturers stay on schedule and reduce costs. In […]

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