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Don’t be left short-handed

Keeping track of high-value assets, equipment, fleet maintenance, and consumables is a time-consuming task that can put a strain on personnel and eat into budgets. However, the alternative is far worse: a lack of knowledge about equipment readiness or the location of critical assets, shortages of in-demand consumables such as PPE, and shrinkage losses.   […]

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Securing the front-line

The increasing number of cyber attacks on companies in recent years has fueled a growing interest in cybersecurity, especially for frontline workers. This article highlights the costs of such attacks, potential solutions and how you can equip your employees with the right tools to keep data secure. Cyber attacks are big business for scammers, and […]

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Bringing tech innovation to wildfires: 4 recommendations for smarter firefighting as megafires menace the US

The likelihood and occurrence of megafires across the US have increased over the years due to drier conditions, more ignition sources and other factors. As a result, many technological systems and devices have been introduced for detecting and tracking these fires. In the following article fire experts recommend greater accessibility to fire technology, better coordination […]

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What Law Enforcement Needs From its Tech Stack In 2021

Both mobile technology and uninterrupted access to situation-critical data are essential to law enforcement effectiveness, but public safety technology is not always delivering what law enforcement needs. A recent report from VDC found that key pain points around public safety technology are a lack of visibility into critical data and incident reporting systems, as well […]

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How Rugged Mobile Tech Gives Disaster Response An Edge

As wildfires raged across the West last summer, firefighters tapped into high-tech tools to fight the blazes. More than 30 drone pilots, for example, guided UAVs into areas in Washington, Oregon, and California that were too dangerous for humans. The images — transmitted back to mobile devices — provided data to help track fires and […]

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The Future of the Mobile Workforce: Police Technology

On a typical day, law enforcement officers use mobile devices more than any other tool. This trend is expected to continue as agencies maintain a distributed workforce. As agencies evolve practices and procedures for these workforces in the weeks, months and years ahead, one thing is clear: advanced police technology and connectivity will shape their […]

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Introducing the TOUGHBOOK 55: A Powerful Modular Laptop Engineered for Field Service Technicians

Today’s workforce and the way we accomplish our work is evolving faster than ever before thanks to the rapid pace of digital innovation. That’s why Panasonic is evolving with mobile workers and field service technicians who face new challenges every day. To make work better for them, we’re introducing the TOUGHBOOK 55 with a customer-driven […]

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