Don’t be left short-handed

Keeping track of high-value assets, equipment, fleet maintenance, and consumables is a time-consuming task that can put a strain on personnel and eat into budgets. However, the alternative is far worse: a lack of knowledge about equipment readiness or the location of critical assets, shortages of in-demand consumables such as PPE, and shrinkage losses.


For asset tracking, recordkeeping, and accountability, many departments lack standardized, comprehensive tools. Disparate systems for various assets can lead to a lack of standardization and disjointed recordkeeping. Redundancies and inaccuracies can be caused by hand logs and spreadsheets, while a lack of visibility and awareness can inadvertently encourage shrinkage. Worst of all, out-of-service equipment can impede a department’s ability to serve when critical scheduled maintenance or inspections are missed.


But when your entire organization can rely on a single asset management source that’s both exhaustive in reach and item-level granular, you can achieve comprehensive, shared awareness and total control over inventory, maintenance, regulatory compliance, and even order scheduling for consumables.

Automated solutions can streamline and simplify every aspect of inventory and asset management, especially if they include the right tools and structures that make it easy for everyone across the agency to access, use, and update these critical records.


This infographic details the benefits of intelligent inventory management solutions for law enforcement personnel.


Panasonic_Infographic_Law Enforcement_Final_022422.png