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Utilities industry technology news, insights and opinions for Panasonic. Learn about the latest utilities technologies and trends.

Overcoming Manual Systems with Digital Mobile Work Order Management in Utilities


Gainesville Regional Utilities is the fifth-largest utility in the state of Florida, responsible for the electric, natural gas, water, wastewater and telecommunications services across the city. Like many utility companies looking to take advantage of new digital technology, GRU needed to overhaul its paper-based documentation to transition to a fully mobile work order management platform. […]

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Redefining Mobile Work – A Series: How Field Service Workers are using the TOUGHBOOK 55

FZ-55_Escalator_5 repair.jpg

Think about what your job looked like 15 years ago, before advanced technology tools became commonplace and the wide-spread use of mobile devices began appearing on jobsites. Now, think about what your job may look like 15 years in the future. With technology and job practices rapidly evolving, combined with the no-two-days-the-same nature of field […]

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Using RealSense Technology to Solve Real-World Problems


From our daily work and field engagements with our customers, we purpose-built RealSense™ technology into the TOUGHPAD FZ-M1 Tablet. RealSense™ technology gives machines and devices depth-perception capabilities, helping users to better see and understand any situation. The article explores how, by combining Intel RealSense™ technology with a mobile-enabled solution, professionals in a wide variety of […]

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