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Public Safety (3)

Don’t be left short-handed

Keeping track of high-value assets, equipment, fleet maintenance, and consumables is a time-consuming task that can put a strain on personnel and eat into budgets. However, the alternative is far worse: a lack of knowledge about equipment readiness or the location of critical assets, shortages of in-demand consumables such as PPE, and shrinkage losses.   […]

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The Future of the Mobile Workforce: Law Enforcement

On a typical day, mobile devices are the most used tool by law enforcement officers, and this trend is expected to continue as agencies maintain a distributed workforce. As agencies evolve practices and procedures for these workforces in the weeks, months and years ahead, one thing is clear: advanced technology and connectivity will shape their […]

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Introducing the TOUGHBOOK 55: A Powerful, Versatile and Customizable Tool Engineered Specifically for the Mobile Worker

Today’s workforce and the way we accomplish our work is evolving faster than ever before thanks to the rapid pace of digital innovation. That’s why Panasonic is evolving with mobile workers who face new challenges every day. To make work better for them, we’re introducing the TOUGHBOOK 55 with a customer-driven modular design that supports […]

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