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IP ratings explained: What those codes tell you about how well a device is protected from water and dust

In the flooded streets of the storm, municipal workers put reminders to prevent pedestrians from moving into the manhole.

Mobile devices you use for work can take a beating, sometimes resulting in downtime. The following article explains how Ingress Protection (IP) ratings can be used to consider the ruggedness of devices in different conditions..   The letters IP stand for Ingress Protection; that is, the ability to stop elements such as sand and water […]

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Q&A: How are Retailers Using Tech to Support the Connected Supply Chain?

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The future of retail is mobile, especially when it involves the hands-on delivery from the factory to the customer. In today’s retail landscape, online demand is increasing. Companies are looking to implement mobile technologies across key areas of the supply chain to improve operational efficiency and ensure the real-time, accurate delivery of products. To dig […]

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