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Water Utility Technology Trends: Mobile Tech for Mobile Workers

water engineer g1 tablet

Water utilities face increasing pressure to improve efficiency while working with aging infrastructure, tight budgets and stringent regulations. Mobility has always been essential to water utility workers as service areas are typically scattered. Whatever the challenge, the move from paper-based operations to digital technology in water utility management can help utilities better use resources, improve […]

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The Future of Mobility: Are We Asking the Right questions?

In the 2000 documentary No Maps for These Territories, science fiction author William Gibson remarks, “I think we live in an incomprehensible present.” An expert quoted in The New York Times insists that “we’ve reached a new level where nobody knows what’s going to happen.” I disagree. The present is understandable and it is possible to make foresight-rich preparations […]

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Global Aerospace Leader Sets Sights on Manufacturing Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance with Rugged Mobile Tech

When you’re entrusted with the design, production and maintenance of multimillion dollar aircraft, your technology infrastructure must be as reliable as the commercial airplanes we rely on for safe air travel. When a global aerospace manufacturer with a high-demand production schedule needed to find new efficiencies and transition from pen and paper, they turned to […]

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6 Core Competencies for Fleet Management Mobile Deployments

Trucking and package delivery fleet managers face pressures to increase efficiencies and reduce expenses while they enhance customer service. Fleet Management and the data maintained by electronic logging device (ELD) solutions paired with rugged, purpose-built mobile devices, are essential for achiving these goals. These devices are designed to perform under adverse and demanding conditions, where […]

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A Data Spill from an Oil Rig: Protecting Mobile Devices from ‘Leaky’ Apps

The energy industry is increasingly a mobile (not Mobil, pun intended) enterprise, where foremen, floor-hands, roughnecks, and drillers use smartphones and tablets throughout the workday. These devices contain vital information – including confidential data – about everything from codes to operate heavy machinery and geological studies about untapped reservoirs of natural gas and oil to the intellectual property about […]

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