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The Future of the Command Post

Group of people in dark room launching a missle

As the flow of information into a command post gets more and more complex, they system that processes this information must learn to adapt as well. The introduction of AI into these systems has broadened commanders and their staff’s access to large pieces of data as well as metadata. In this article by Signal, discover […]

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Panasonic P.180 Brings Technology and Wireless Connectivity Together

P180 blog feature.png

In today’s customer service-oriented, get-it-done-yesterday world, more employees than ever before are spending time out of the office. They may be meeting with customers or suppliers, making deliveries, conducting surveys, or maintaining and repairing equipment. With employees spending more time in the field, they are relying heavily on dependable tablets and laptops that can withstand […]

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Three Questions a Potential Technology Partner Should Be Asking (and Answering!)

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Enterprise customers will often approach us at Panasonic after a negative experience with their current device manufacturer — too often selected based on up front costs rather than total cost of ownership (TCO). We hear about battery problems and high device failure rates, along with a lack of support both during deployment and after the sale. […]

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Two Major Ways Proof of Delivery Solutions Help Retailers Meet Customer Expectations


Fast, efficient last-mile delivery can make the difference between satisfied customers and losing them to competitors. E-commerce growth has only fueled demand for improved delivery experiences. Proof of delivery technology offers a solution, leveraging mobile devices and automated software to accurately track orders in real time. In this article from Panasonic, POD technology is helping […]

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