Which Laptop Provides the Best Support for Military Technology?

Strength, technological superiority and preparedness for any situation: these are the hallmarks of the United States Armed Forces. They’re also the qualities needed in our military technology, from the most advanced weapons systems to the mobile devices soldiers use in the field. Military laptops are no exception — whether employed in training operations or combat zones, our armed forces need modular, rugged laptops to support safe and effective operations.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® has been a preferred choice for the U.S. Armed Forces precisely because these laptops meet the unique and challenging requirements for military technology. Advanced high-speed, multi-core processors and an ability to operate efficiently in virtually any environment come standard with TOUGHBOOK — a necessity in rigorous military missions. Their modular design and unparalleled toughness are crucial for on-the-ground operations and ensuring connectivity anywhere and everywhere. 

While consumer laptops provide anywhere from four to 12 hours on a single charge and other rugged laptop brands offer up to 14 hours, TOUGHBOOK boasts exceptional battery life.  Batteries can last up to 18 hours — even under heavy use.

How does TOUGHBOOK accomplish all this and meet the demanding requirements of military operations? Let’s examine the characteristics that make these the most durable laptops available and the right choice for our men and women in uniform. 

Military technology must withstand harsh conditions

Military technology faces a fundamental requirement: it must endure harsh conditions. To this end, TOUGHBOOK computers are meticulously designed to meet rigorous MIL-Spec standards, ensuring they can handle extreme weather, sand, mud, and vibrations. Further emphasizing their robustness, these devices hold MIL-STD-810H certification for resilience against shocks, drops, and severe environmental conditions. Each TOUGHBOOK undergoes rigorous testing for compliance with essential specifications, including MIL-STD-810G, and boasts IP ratings for water and dust resistance, crucial for reliability in challenging operational environments.

Beyond durability, data security is paramount. TOUGHBOOK addresses this need through integrated, secure boot processes, encryption, and biometric authentication features, safeguarding critical information. Recognizing the dynamic and unpredictable nature of military operations, these laptops boast a modular design. This flexibility allows for swift hardware adaptations to meet evolving field requirements, including the ability to interchange ports and add modular expansion packs (xPAKs) that enhance storage and memory.

Whether in an office or on a deployment, TOUGHBOOK can suit up to meet the needs of virtually any mission environment.

Two soldiers navigate the field with the help of military technology.

To further support the demanding nature of military missions, TOUGHBOOK laptops are equipped with hot-swappable batteries. This feature guarantees uninterrupted connectivity regardless of mission length — a crucial capability for the safety and effectiveness of military personnel in the field. Additionally, the careful optimization of their weight and dimensions strikes a balance between portability and durability, making them a practical choice for diverse and mobile operations.

Military laptops must be capable of running remote operations

Unmanned systems are increasingly important in today’s military operations, and TOUGHBOOK devices are proven command-and-control components for robotics and unmanned equipment. These solutions feature battlefield-ready, sunlight-viewable screens and rugged design to withstand drops and vibrations. The TOUGHBOOK G2 tablet, for example, provides the processing power necessary to control aerial vehicles, while the TOUGHBOOK 33 is the preferred choice for controlling explosive ordnance disposal robots.

With their robust processing power and reliable wireless connectivity, TOUGHBOOK allows personnel to view drone footage and video feeds on their devices, and they can handle communications and navigation of Aviation Management Systems. These capabilities will become increasingly important in the future, and Panasonic Connect’s rugged, modular military technology is ready and able to meet these needs for our 21st century military.

The right military technology streamlines operations and communications

It wasn’t all that long ago that military personnel were still using paper manuals for equipment maintenance. Today they use TOUGHBOOK devices to access digitized manuals and aircraft maintenance data. Rather than thumb through binders, technicians can easily scroll and tap for maintenance information, operations manuals and navigation charts whether they’re on the tarmac or aboard a Navy vessel at sea. These efficiencies are vital when repairing critical equipment or accessing data in the field, wherever that field may be.

Connectivity is key to ensuring digital access to mission-critical materials and communication channels. Panasonic Connect designs and manufactures its antenna modules and verifies they meet the demanding conditions required of military technology. This ensures TOUGHBOOK devices can handle the tactical communications that are part of mission readiness, allowing military personnel to locate themselves and others, share information and communicate. 

A soldier holds a military laptop.

Remote capabilities are also increasingly important, and soldiers can now receive training via rugged laptops and devices running VR and AR. During the pandemic, the Army rolled out a “synthetic training environment” using virtual technology to prepare soldiers for real-life scenarios. Soldiers can run these programs on Panasonic solutions such as the TOUGHBOOK G2 to expand training opportunities and ensure troop readiness in any type of environment.

Protecting and preparing our armed forces

Military technology is a crucial component of our armed forces’ gear and weaponry. It must be able to provide communications and information in any situation, regardless of environmental conditions or location. Having the right laptops and mobile devices is truly a matter of life and death for our military personnel, so there is no room for error with their technological tools.

That’s why Panasonic Connect designs and tests its solutions to provide the toughness and reliability our soldiers need to protect themselves. From unparalleled strength and industry-leading computing power to constant connectivity, Panasonic Connect’s solutions ensure our armed forces are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to complete the most important missions.

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