5 Ways Enterprise Mobility Fuels Digital Transformation

The past year highlighted the necessity of enterprise mobility in ways few could have foreseen.

Out in the field, in the warehouse and in-store, workers aimed to limit device sharing (to limit virus spread) and operate independently. Amidst these challenges, productivity remained essential as many businesses and government agencies found themselves facing unprecedented demand for their services and products.

Advancements in enterprise mobility have made it possible to meet the rising need. Now, as we look toward the future, enterprise leaders can see the critical role that mobile technology—and true mobility—plays in continued digital transformation. In fact, 79% of global companies cited mobile applications as their top investment priority for 2021. And 85% said they plan to invest in enabling more connected workers.

Mobile technology provides benefits that are exceedingly relevant to modern enterprise organizations. What’s more, it can also accelerate your digital transformation efforts, serving as the foundation for a truly connected future. Here’s how:

An enterprise mobile application strategy connects the enterprise and front-line staff

Digital transformation impacts the entire company and must include the people who work with customers, in the field, in the office and on the factory floor. Mobile devices and applications enable employees to gather, share and access data from these critical front-line positions.

This ability to seamlessly interface no matter the location creates distinct advantages. With enterprise mobility solutions, workers can make better decisions in real-time, whether that’s utility workers who rely on an enterprise mobile device to help assess potentially faulty equipment or first responders relaying emergency communications from a natural disaster.

The rise of 5G promises to add even more benefit, reducing device latency and enabling an exponentially greater number of connected devices—and people.

Mobile applications enable employees to adopt innovations faster

With mobile applications, adopting and utilizing transformation technology becomes a seamless part of the workday. Employees can access new enterprise mobile apps through their devices and update them accordingly. Given that most mobile applications are cloud-based, there’s no need for employees to wait for over-burdened IT teams to update and manage their essential operating software.

Instead, employees can access the critical apps and incorporate them seamlessly into their workflow. In this model, digital transformation occurs continuously as employees are leveraging the most relevant mobile apps right as they need them.

Enterprise mobility enables effective remote work

Over the past year, we witnessed organizations implement massive digital capabilities to allow their employees to work from wherever—without hindering operations. Employees responded in kind, moving their work into their homes and taking it with them as they moved locations. Today, 55% of workers say they’d prefer to remote work even after pandemic concerns subside. And 70% of access to enterprise systems is done remotely.

The right balance of in-person and remote work will depend on each organization. However, reliable mobile technology that includes devices and mobile-ready apps remains the critical component for ensuring employees can work effectively.

The right mobile technology improves productivity

No organization wants to transform just for the sake of digital transformation. Instead, they’re driving toward distinct objectives that often include improved productivity. Investing in purpose-built mobile technology plays a big part in reaching those aims. For instance, the employees of Total Armored Car Service in Michigan use Panasonic TOUGHBOOK devices to scan bags of cash that they’re transporting and ensure they accurately track their valuable cargo while in transit.

The ability to scan bags in real-time and connect with company tracking systems saved crews 20 to 30 minutes a day. Purpose-built mobile devices and applications can offer similar productivity advantages in manufacturing plants, healthcare workplaces, retail businesses, and much more.

Mobile technology enables contactless work environments

The pandemic revealed the risk of regularly coming into contact with co-workers and customers who could be carrying a virus. Companies found ways to reduce that risk by leveraging mobile devices and technology. The rise of contactless payments via point-of-sale machines in retail businesses provides an ideal example.

Employees don’t need to handle customer credit or debit cards. Reducing sharing of devices is another way mobile technology improves workplace productivity as well as safety. A mobile-first approach ensures that every worker has access to the devices and he or she needs. Workers can complete tasks from remote locations and stay connected without needing to hand off devices to peers.

Why purpose-built mobile devices matter

By prioritizing enterprise mobile adoption, you can rapidly accelerate your progress toward your digital transformation goals. The first step is investing in purpose-built mobile devices. The mobility needs of every organization are going to be different, yet the need for reliable, agile mobile devices and connectivty is consistent. For instance, firefighters and emergency personnel require unique apps and tools meet the demands of their position. And those demands differ from utility workers, those in the manufacturing sector, or employees in retail or hospitality positions.

A purpose-built mobile device is designed with industry and organizational-specific challenges in mind. That may mean making a device that keeps on working even when dropped in the mud by a National Guard during a disaster. Or it may demand mobile devices that can withstand the soaring heat inside a utility vehicle parked in the Arizona summer sun. The device durability and functionality combined with the mobile applications provide solutions that enhance and improve on-the-ground work—and the business and community reap the rewards.

Enterprise mobile solutions are the face of digital transformation. Understand how enterprise mobility can impact your operations for the better and put your company on the path to a transformed future that benefits employees, customers, and your business.

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