[Ebook] Securing Mobile Devices For The Anytime Anywhere Workplace

The following is an excerpt from Panasonic’s ebook “The Mobile Security Playbook: Securing Mobile Devices For The Anywhere Anytime Workplace.” Download the full ebook to learn more about how you can improve the security of your enterprise mobile devices.

Enterprise rugged devices need a strong mobile security plan

In today’s always-on world, the workplace is anywhere and everywhere. Our mobile devices have become extensions of our offices, whether it’s on a factory floor, on an oil field, in an ambulance, or even a construction site. Every industry, from retailers to first responders, depends on mobile devices that workers can use to access the IT resources of their organizations.

It’s critical for those workers to access resources securely, wherever they are, on whatever network. Whether data is on the move (via portable handhelds and across mobile broadband and WiFi networks) or at rest, securing sensitive information is
as critical to organizations as the people who access it. That’s because, even as the workplace has expanded with ever-more powerful mobile devices—from laptops for rugged mobility to equally tough handhelds— so has the threat landscape. State actors and criminal opportunists alike continue to deploy increasingly sophisticated tools of their own.

Fortunately, modern rugged mobile devices come to the table with sophisticated security features. These features can include hardware, software, and secure networks. All can enable organizations and their workforces to gain peace of mind wherever they are and whatever they do. These security measures fall across three key areas:

Device Security

How secure hardware works to keep data both on the device and in-transit safe through encryption, authentication, and other means.

Mobile Software

How specialized software helps secure devices from the moment they power up, whether they are laptops or handhelds, using any operating system.

Mobile Connectivity Security

How mobile devices can help keep data safe through secure connectivity on both public and private networks.

Learn how to secure your mobile devices anytime, anywhere

By considering security in these three critical areas (device security, mobile software, and mobile connectivity), enterprises will have laid the groundwork for building a coherent mobile solution management and security strategy. Such a strategy takes in data security, access privileges, connectivity security, and device security. It also takes into account business goals and the multiple ways in which mobility can transform an organization without adding unacceptable IT management risks.

In this e-book from Panasonic, discover how robust device security works in three critical areas, from our perspective as the leading manufacturer of devices for rugged mobility.