Is MDM/EMM Enough to Manage Your Organization’s Mobile Devices?

With the popularity of remote and hybrid work, IT teams are busier than ever as they strive to maintain the health and security of mobile corporate assets. In fact, the 4th Annual State of Enterprise Mobility Survey by B2M Solutions revealed that 98% of IT leaders believe that reliable mobile devices and apps are critical or important to their business. As such, it’s now essential for IT departments to be able to monitor the health and utilization of enterprise mobile devices in the field. 

Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions help IT professionals gain much-needed change management capabilities with enterprise mobile assets. However, the current generation of MDM and EMM solutions also lacks critical real-time visibility needed to proactively address problems.

In the infographic below, we discuss some of B2M’s key findings from their survey, how to fill in visibility gaps, and why device selection matters for enterprise mobile devices.