Preparing for the Unexpected Starts at a TOUGHBOOK Service Center

Companies that furnish their employees with rugged laptops and handhelds do so for a variety of reasons, from their ability to withstand harsh conditions like moisture and drops to reliability and productivity.

And while rare, accidents happen that can cause units to stop functioning or function more sluggishly. Maybe an employee went rogue and caused her device to be riddled with spyware. Perhaps a child used a laptop as home plate or the screen as an etch-a-sketch. 

No matter the reason, there are times when a TOUGHBOOK device needs service quickly to maintain productivity on the job. Service starts with an initial call to the 24-hour Panasonic Tech Support line where calls are answered in 60 seconds or less. 

Troubleshooting starts right away over the phone, with immediate help from world-class technical specialists. Within minutes, you’ll have a plan for how to best get your employees back up and running. If the units requires in-warranty service at the National Service Center, Panasonic will send a mailing label and box for overnight shipping if the unit must be sent to the service center

The National Service Center is also a scalable resource to help deploy TOUGHBOOK devices from the beginning, helping to plan, test and deploy technology right out of the box. Services include device customization, configuration, application integration, kitting, branding and managing spare device inventory. One of the most critical parts of the process is a thorough 48-hour stress test, ensuring that the devices your employees receive are ready for action. 

Leveraging the Panasonic National Service Center is an ideal way to keep your devices at peak performance. Read more and download the infographic today.