The Advantages of TOUGHBOOK for the Healthcare Industry

With the economic upheaval of the last decade, many industries have undergone major changes. The healthcare industry is on the front line of many such changes, as they embrace cutting-edge technology every day. From 3-D printing to telemedicine, healthcare is positively booming with innovation. In addition, the industry is impacted by a huge influx of nursing, nurse aide and physician’s assistant jobs due to rising demands caused by an aging populace.

Panasonic Toughbook devices are taking computing by storm. Noted for their almost indestructible design, Toughbook devices are made for the demands of the healthcare industry.

Keep Yourself and Your Patients Connected with Panasonic Toughbook

As a healthcare professional, you must stay highly connected to your patients. The face-to-face appointment lets you do this easily, but more and more patients are choosing telemedicine for their basic medical needs. A Panasonic Toughbook can be used in both situations. It’s versatile enough to go from the emergency room to the operating room and user-friendly enough that a patient can use it to get in touch with a medical professional from home. Easy connectivity reduces stress on the healthcare professional and the patient. It may also help you build rapport more quickly and maintain it through several appointments.

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Instant Information

Accurate information is the lifeblood of the healthcare industry, but it is not always easy to find. As a healthcare professional, you have probably spent time combing through patients’ medical histories for the one piece of information you need. You might have lost valuable interaction time sifting through paperwork at the blood center or mobile blood drive. You might find the reams of paperwork connected to hospital financials confusing and frustrating.

With a Panasonic Toughbook, these frustrations become part of the past. With large, user-friendly touchscreens, wireless connectivity and highly durable exteriors, these laptops and tablets are built with high information volumes in mind. With a Toughbook, you can transmit vital information with only a few clicks. You can sift through complicated documents to find relevant information in far less time than you are used to. Thus, the bulk of your time will be spent doing what matters most – getting to know your patients and helping them heal.

Keeping Your Computer Clean

No one likes a dirty computer screen. In the healthcare industry, though, a dirty computer is not simply an annoyance. It could be dangerous, especially if you spend time in labs with specimens or around biohazards. Once again, the Toughbook comes to the rescue. The Toughbook’s durability protects you and your patients from any fluids, hazardous waste or other substances that might try to contaminate your interaction.

If your Toughbook does come in contact with hazardous materials, no need to fear. Sanitizing a Toughbook is quick and easy, especially compared to other device types. You can still be thorough, but will not have to wait hours for your device to be completely clean again.

Invest in a Toughbook Today

These are only a few of the reasons Mooring Tech encourages healthcare professionals to invest in a Toughbook over other devices. The Toughbook offers several more solutions and advantages for the healthcare industry, which we would be happy to elucidate for you. Visit Mooring Tech in person or online today; we will address any questions, concerns or comments you may have.

This article was written by Mooring Tech and was published with permission.


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