FirstNet Has Arrived – Are You Ready?

For our customers, it’s important that we serve not only as a technology vendor, but as a partner who can help guide them as new and emerging technologies push their jobs and industries further. For public safety personnel, keeping up with evolving technology ensures that they can serve their communities as effectively as possible – especially when disaster strikes. Right now, fire departments, law enforcement agencies and other emergency response and public sector organizations around the country are in the middle of one of these key moments of transition with FirstNet. With all 50 states, five territories and Washington, D.C. opting in, FirstNet is fulfilling its promise to give first responders the nationwide communications platform that public safety has fought for to help them respond to emergencies.

Today, we’re excited to share the groundwork that Panasonic has laid to ensure that customers using our purpose-built devices are ready for FirstNet, and that our broad ecosystem of technology solutions is primed to support this transition, continuing to meet the needs of first responders and those that rely on rugged, mobile solutions to respond to emergencies. Emergency responders face unpredictable and unimaginable situations every day, and our network of partners and experts deeply understand how FirstNet can help first responders, and the communities they serve, safer and more connected than ever before – and what it will take to get them there.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK FirstNet Ready devices

Ready to get started? Our team is equipped with the tools and resources to help current and prospective Toughbook users get up and running on FirstNet. Panasonic field service engineers are already working with Toughbook users to transition their devices to a FirstNet rate plan, enabling eligible first responders to immediately take advantage of priority access and preemption capabilities. We’ve been listening to first responders in the field and those on the front lines to distinguish the diverse and complex needs of public safety agencies, and our team is committed to guiding Toughbook users through every step of the process. Whether your team is eager to start using FirstNet, or is still in the exploratory stages, Panasonic can answer the most common questions from customers, including:

  • Why should I move to FirstNet?
  • How do I ensure my existing technology investments are protected as I make the FirstNet transition?
  • When will FirstNet be available in my area?
  • What technology and support do I need to get on FirstNet?

To help our customers learn about all things FirstNet, we’re launching a storytelling series that will enable Toughbook users to better understand how to transition their devices to the network. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how some Toughbook users are already benefiting from FirstNet and hear from Panasonic team members about the current state of FirstNet as it rolls out nationwide. To spread the word, we’re going on the road to talk with first responders and others in the field to take in the daily challenges of their role and learn how Panasonic, our partners and FirstNet are helping them adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the mobile workforce. FirstNet is here – and this series will be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know.

So, let’s start with the basics – what is FirstNet and what does it offer?

FirstNet subscribers across different agencies, jurisdictions and state/territory/tribal lines can stay connected, helping them stay safe and save lives. The FirstNet physically separate network core prioritizes emergency responder traffic is above non-emergency traffic, allowing users to send and receive voice, data, video, and images during times of network congestion. FirstNet also offers push-to-talk interoperability between cellular devices and Land Mobile Radio, and a roadmap to offering mission critical push-to-talk.

At Panasonic, we’re ready to help first responders begin their transition to FirstNet. To get started, contact your Panasonic account manager.

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