What is FirstNet: How to Make the Transition with Panasonic

With over 100 years of experience under our belt, Panasonic understands the unique needs of today’s mobile workforce and the industries, jobs and work environments that have been disrupted by digital transformation. Earlier this year, we reaffirmed our dedication to serving the public safety community by offering the tools and resources to help agencies make the transition to FirstNet. Our team knows the immense challenges that police, fire, EMS and emergency support personnel face in the field every day, and connectivity matters when lives are on the line. Our deep rooted legacy in wireless communications, coupled with our expertise as a rugged device manufacturer, make Panasonic the premier technology partner for organizations on their journey to FirstNet. Here’s why.

Support From Our Engineers

When beginning the transition to FirstNet, Toughbook users must first ensure their devices are equipped with the right software and modules to support the network. This process can be confusing, but with support from Panasonic’s dedicated engineering team, customers are guided throughout every step of the journey. Our team of experts is on hand to simplify the process, answer questions and ensure that Toughbook customers can quickly and easily upgrade and deploy their devices on FirstNet, without setbacks. And if problems do arise, our engineers have the knowledge and resources to provide diagnostics and support right away.

For public safety customers new to the Toughbook family, our sales and engineering teams can work with agencies to develop their device roadmap, and partner with IT departments to deploy devices on FirstNet effectively, and without disrupting existing workflows. To identify the devices that best fit the needs of a specific organization, Panasonic’s field service engineers can visit an agency in-person to analyze and assess the work styles and environments of first responders, and recommend which hardware and software pairings will make them safer and more efficient on the job.

Access Our Partner Ecosystem

By partnering with Panasonic for the transition to FirstNet, public safety agencies can access our broad ecosystem of partners, vendors, and other solution providers that work together to create personalized solutions for an organization. We know that every public safety agency has different demands, depending on size, location, budget and structure, and Panasonic works closely with agency IT departments to identify the right solutions that will maximize efficiency for first responders and those who support them. Our partners listen to the unique needs of public safety customers to address the challenges they face on the job and simplify their workflows to increase productivity. For example, we partner with companies that can outfit an entire fleet of patrol cars with custom in-vehicle mounts and installations, and software vendors that can equip Toughbook devices with multi-factor authentication software for single sign on across law enforcement databases.

Today, we’re already helping Toughbook customers get up and running with a FirstNet rate plan. And why are our customers coming to us for help? Because Toughbook users trust Panasonic. We have more knowledge of the public safety community than any carrier or other technology provider, and we can act as consultants for our customers when it’s needed most – for major investments in new technology offerings, like FirstNet. Panasonic acts as a customer advocate and an impartial advisor that can help customers sign up for FirstNet. As the FirstNet build continues, and more devices become compatible with FirstNet, we’re getting ready to support the next generation of devices, so our customers can be ready for what comes next.

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