Executive Perspective: Panasonic ProServices as a Partner for Digital Transformation

In highly competitive industries like shipping, logistics and retail, ensuring you have the right technology to operate at peak efficiency can be a full-time job in its own right. As the pace of innovation continues to increase, demands on resources increase along with it. To ease the strain on time, money and employees, businesses need to find a technology partner that’s more than just a vendor – they need someone who understands what they do, knows how their workplace is changing and has a finger on the pulse of innovation. They need a reliable counterpart that can keep them up to date, keep devices working and help them plan for the future.

Finding the Right Technology Partner

The process of finding the right partner is about more than just identifying a piece of technology that is simply good enough to get the job done. And customer service and support should be about more than just repairs and warranties – for Panasonic ProServices, it’s about partnership.

Our customers tell us their purchasing decisions are often heavily influenced by the services and support they can expect from their rugged mobile technology partner. A technology partner truly stands apart as a best-in-class offering not just because it provides the best post-purchase support, but because they provide a full-service team that focuses on your success and ability to leverage innovative technologies.

When we begin working with a new customer – or an existing one going through a major upgrade – Panasonic ProServices assesses the needs of that individual organization and helps tailor the best ecosystem of devices, software, services, connectivity and accessories. From a hardware perspective, this means understanding how your work gets done and lining up a fleet of devices that fits the job description. From a software perspective, our team also ensures that existing systems continue to work while enhancing your organization’s ability to work using next gen technologies.

Ensuring Business Continuity with Support for Legacy Applications

Many companies use specific applications suited to their industry or business. When they eventually upgrade their rugged mobile devices to newer models with a new or different operating system, they may not be able to retain their preferred applications. Whether developed in house or simply outdated, many of these applications are natively incapable of translating to a new OS. This can be a huge disruptor – but it doesn’t have to be. Panasonic ProServices works closely with customers to understand which legacy applications need to be ported to new devices, creates a custom deployment plan and executes to ensure a smooth transition.

This was the case with one new customer who recently upgraded their older devices to Toughbooks as an end-to-end data capture solution. Because the system they had been using previously was based around a now obsolete OS, they could not continue to run the software they had come to rely on. Instead of having to replace their entire system, Panasonic ProServices offered consultation and recommended a solution to port the existing application and move it over to their new devices. To support the transition, our team deployed the application and will manage the backend server (to secure data) and future application updates. This meant they were left with a fully compatible application that looked, felt and worked like the system they were used to – but was built with the standards and capabilities of today’s devices in mind. This customer – and many others that we have helped with similar transitions – was able to maintain continuity with legacy applications while being able to adopt new, innovative technologies. As business needs evolve, ProServices will be there along the way to help adapt your deployment to the latest and greatest solutions the industry has to offer.

ProServices: Your Partner for Success

Panasonic ProServices is a full system of support for your Toughbook devices, from cradle to grave. Helping customers integrate, manage and service Toughbook devices is only the start. The ProServices team understands the ever-evolving nature of the technology driving digital transformation, seeks to gain a deeper understanding of your business and serves as a partner who can manage the rapid pace of digital innovation and help you realize your own digital transformation.