The Key to Connectivity: Considerations for Your Mobile Device

For today’s mobile worker, reliable connectivity and uninterrupted service is not just a luxury, it’s mandatory. Recent studies reveal that 59 percent of surveyed executives cite a failure to adapt to hyper-connectivity as the biggest threat to their organization. Many executives recognize that 24/7 connectivity is crucial for employees -especially in demanding working environments. For these workers, staying connected is mission critical – and that means not just having a reliable wireless network, but having a connected device that can hold up to the challenges of the job.

At Panasonic, our dedication to rugged mobile solutions goes beyond just protection from drops, bumps and damages. We understand that our customers who keep the public safe, work in life threatening conditions or brave natural disasters need to maintain always-on connection in order to get work done. The needs of remote workers are different for each industry and vary in complexity, but it comes down to two basic components: device reliability and connectivity reach. At Panasonic, we are committed to delivering on both. As part of our rugged promise, Toughbook devices deliver state-of-the-art connectivity essentials, customizable to your organization and mobile workers’ unique needs. As technology continues to advance, we are committed to staying on the frontlines of breakthrough connectivity. That’s why we recently launched the Panasonic P.180 platform to enable seamless Tier 1 connectivity in 180 countries, all under a single service umbrella. P.180 enables customers to create and deliver global scalability with local connectivity that today’s mobile workforce demands.

 As wireless technologies continue to involve, make sure your mobility partner stays ahead of the connectivity curve. To learn more, visit us online for eight key considerations when evaluating rugged mobile devices to keep your mobile workers connected.