Configuring Your Mobile Device: A Guide to Panasonic Customization Services

Today’s workforce has come to rely on mobile solutions designed to perform in the most demanding environments, be it the factory shop floor or on the battlefield.  But being rugged is only the beginning of the story – today’s demanding workers need a device fine tuned to the specific challenges they face. Many business leaders may not realize that in addition to being rugged, Panasonic Toughbook devices are customizable to suit your company or organization’s specific needs and job requirements. All Toughbook devices are purpose-built to meet or exceed U.S. military standards, but as no one job is the same, our customization capabilities ensure your device is tailor made to help you overcome the unique challenges of your work environment.

And the customization process for your Toughbook mobile devices doesn’t end when it arrives at your doorstep. Our world-class Panasonic ProServices team works tirelessly to make sure workers continue to find value in Toughbook devices for years to come. Our consulting engineers are always available to assess your IT setup, test software and provide training for your team. Because work demands change as quickly as technology evolves, we can also observe how your devices are being used in the field to make improvements that maximize worker productivity. We’re dedicated to providing support from the moment a device leaves the factory through the end of its life and every step in-between.

To learn more about our customization services, visit us online to read the full whitepaper.