5 Ways Mobile Deployment Services Support Your Mobile Workforce

We are in an era where the mobile workforce is increasing in size and the concept of a “mobile” office is getting completely redefined. Whether you are a first responder, field service technician, route delivery driver, or forklift driver, you rely on mobile computers, peripherals, and communication tools more today than ever before. Mobile workers are increasingly leveraging mobile technology, connectivity, and applications that make their response faster, their jobs more efficient, and routinely collect more data more accurately.

The increased options and complexity of mobile solutions cause logistics and project management challenges. Mobile solutions contain various products from multiple vendors: tablets, keyboards, antennas, cradles, brackets, and power distribution systems to name a few. So what happens when the procurement and deployment of this vital equipment becomes too cumbersome or resource intensive for fleet or IT teams to manage on their own? The logistics of just trying to get the right equipment in the right place in time for the installer to install the equipment can be mind boggling. That’s when the Panasonic ProServices Installation team, veterans of thousands of successful installations, can come to the rescue.

Keeping Your Mobile Workforce Productive

The logistics of deploying a mobility solution can consume valuable time, resources, and finances. Purchasing and implementing vehicle mounting solutions with in-house resources is expensive. It can cost roughly $200 or more per vehicle, including procurement, receiving/confirmation, staging, storage and accounting. And that doesn’t take into account mistakes such as ordering the wrong part or leaving off a critical component on the bill of materials. Using professional installation engineering and kitting services for deployment of in-vehicle solutions can save you at least 25% in time and money. 

Here are five more reasons to use Panasonic’s ProServices for your mobile workforce:

  1. Expert engineering:  Get it right the first time, every time. Leverage the Panasonic installation engineers to get the right solution for your team. This team is committed to creating well-engineered, ergonomic, safe, reliable solutions. This takes the guesswork out of the equipment and parts selection.
  2. Lighten the load: Take the pressure off procurement and put it on Panasonic. Deploying mobile devices in a fleet takes a significant amount of resources and time. It means you’re working with multiple suppliers to identify the 35 or more components needed for safe in-vehicle installation.  Sometimes it even requires managing custom engineering of parts. These are responsibilities that you may not have time or desire to take on.  Our installation kitting team will handle those tasks from start to finish and ensure consistency across the fleet.
  3. Peace of mind: Each Panasonic Installation Kit rolls in with a three-year warranty on the components as well as detailed installation guides and a help desk number to call for questions and support.  We’ve got you covered on “who do ya call?”
  4. Logistics support: Project management, kitting, staging, and shipping are included in the Panasonic Installation Kit solution. This means that you have a team supporting your schedule to make sure everything is done to roll out on time and on budget. 
  5. Easy ordering:  The icing on the cake is the way that Panasonic bundles the customer specific kits into an easy-to-order SKU that includes all the components, warranty, help desk information, and shipping.  Each kit is SKUed up and ordered through the Panasonic reseller channel in the same way our Toughbooks are procured.

Panasonic’s Deployment and Vehicle Dock Installation services ensure that your Toughbook computers and tablets arrive ready to work. Think of us as Special Ops for your Toughbook installations.

Watch the video below to learn more about Panasonic Deployment and Vehicle Dock Installation Services