3 Reasons Why a Service Certification Should Impact Your Mobility Decision Making

One thing we share with our customers is a commitment to customer satisfaction. If you’re equipping professionals to get work done in the toughest conditions, that dedication means delivering not only the best technology to withstand their demands, but also that you can quickly resolve technical issues they encounter to maximize productivity. As a testament to our service focus, Panasonic recently achieved ISO 9001 service certification for Toughbook®. So what does that mean, and why should ISO certifications for service matter as you plan your next mobility deployment?

The International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) motto “Great things happen when the world agrees” nicely sums up its purpose: designating world-class specifications for products, services and systems. Upheld by 163 countries, ISO standards ensure companies across the globe adhere to agreed-upon quality, safety and efficiency requirements. Quality recognition for technology vendors’ customer service and support functions is critical because it dictates the process that must be followed. When we map out that process, we dictate the customer experience – and that can make all the difference when one of your mobile workers is experiencing a technology issue in the field.

As a core manufacturer, Panasonic has a long history complying with – and surpassing – ISO standards for the manufacturing of Toughbook computers, tablets and handheld devices. Our commitment to excellence, however, does not end at the point of sale. This additional ISO 9001 service certification further validates the fact that we stand 100% behind our products and customers.

When selecting a new mobile technology partner, consider three important areas where ISO 9001 service certification can impact your experience post mobile device deployment:

1. Consistent Experiences: ISO service certification requires that organizations set and monitor appropriate business goals. That means that everyone – from the tech support specialist on the phone, to a field engineer or a configuration manager working alongside your team, to the executive managers at corporate headquarters – understands the service goals.  This means that no matter who you talk to in the entire organization, there’s a consistent customer experience. Without an ISO certification, there could be room for misinterpretation. We know that today’s IT decision makers have a lot of options when you’re arming your colleagues with technology tools. So our goal is to provide not only a great quality product, but a quality and consistent service to match. Research shows that consumers value the journey over individual interactions, and that has been our experience as well. We’re proud of the fact that our customers know to expect consistently excellent service as they work with Panasonic Toughbook on an ongoing basis.

2. Service You Can Measure:  Many technology manufacturers promote high levels of customer satisfaction, but do you know what quantifiable metrics they can point to as demonstrating that commitment? ISO 9001 certification requires organizations to continually measure performance based on service goals. Of course, at Panasonic customer satisfaction is a key metric to monitor and improve, but we also focus on a number of other customer touchpoints – areas that we know will directly affect your experiences after purchasing a Toughbook device.

    • Connecting with a live operator: Our Toughbook customers can reach a live operator at our national service center in less than 40 seconds.
    • U.S.-based service and support: All Toughbook service and repairs takes place in the United States to streamline efficiency
    • Rapid product repair: We provide an average turn-around-time of less than two days on Toughbook repairs

3. Voices are Not Just Heard: Most leading companies can talk about how they listen to their customers – listening is fairly easy. It’s what organizations do with that feedback that really matters. ISO certification ensures there’s a continuous feedback loop that’s acted on. At Panasonic, this VOC loop is paramount and the reason we recently built a new tool that gathers and analyzes not just customer feedback, but voice of our partners and resellers. The feedback not only helps us improve service levels, but influences our R&D to ensure our products truly meet our customers’ needs. For example, the new Panasonic Toughbook 33 2-in-1 detachable laptop was designed in consultation with police, fire, government and enterprise professionals; their input directly impacted the final product’s specifications. The ISO 9001 service certification demonstrates our commitment to incorporating customer feedback into everything we do.

ISO 9001 might just be a set of numbers and letters, but if you’re rolling out mobile devices to workers who can’t afford a minute of downtime, it’s important to consider this service certification as you select a technology partner.

With U.S.-based call center technicians and technical field managers under the service umbrella, our unwavering commitment to customer care represents a fundamental tenet to Panasonic’s success with public sector, enterprise and government agencies. Download our brochure to learn more about how Panasonic ProServices can support the planning, deployment, security, repair and replacement of rugged devices for your mobile workers.