Unlocking Industry Versatility:
Rugged Laptops

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Whether they’re accessing information on the go, communicating with team members or documenting their work in real-time, employees on the go in challenging industries rely on rugged, modular laptops to get the work done quickly, safely and confidently.

Without the dependability and adaptability offered by rugged, modular devices, field workers are left with no choice but to rely on outdated and disjointed methods. These antiquated approaches not only consume significant time but also increase operational costs and inefficiencies. Conversely, the integration of reliable rugged devices with modular capabilities ensures that team members can swiftly address issues, complete tasks, and move on to the next project.

TOUGHBOOK rugged devices allow for customization with various expansion packs (xPAKs) and accessories, allowing users to meet specific industry needs. This not only enhances their efficiency and effectiveness, but also reduces the need for multiple devices, saving organizations valuable resources.

Law Enforcement

Federal government

field services


Connectivity is crucial in a police vehicle, at an accident scene and at the scene of a crime. Officers need rugged laptops that provide immediate access to criminal records, warrants, vehicle information and call history to effectively respond to these and other situations.

Officers can retrieve pertinent information in real time while enroute or on the scene. This helps reduce time spent on labor-intensive, post-incident paperwork. And because they operate in harsh environments — where extreme temperatures, dust and shock are all common — officers need tech tools that will function reliably in these conditions.

Panasonic Connect's TOUGHBOOK line of modular rugged devices take this to the next level by allowing officers to swap out and easily configure different device functions and features in the field. Instead of the department investing in numerous devices for different tasks, officers can adapt a single rugged device to the needs of any situation using xPAKs.

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    This modularity not only minimizes downtime but also reduces the carbon footprint and optimizes budget spend, all while ensuring that law enforcement agencies maintain peak performance in the field. Portability and performance are equally as important for law enforcement officers who carry their laptops with them in the field.

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    The more lightweight and compact those devices are, the more transportable and usable they will be in any working conditions. TOUGHBOOK rugged modular laptops are significantly less likely to be damaged if they’re dropped, which means officers spend more time on their work and less time troubleshooting their devices, ushering in a new era of efficiency in law enforcement technology.


The military needs mobile technology that provides reliable processing power and battery life out in the field, when data access and communication are of the utmost importance. Whether they’re in battle, aboard a ship at sea, in the air or at headquarters, military personnel need rugged, modular laptops that they can trust.

Federal agency employees also need robust, reliable laptops to support missions ranging from border security to food safety and emergency response. The right mobile solutions and industry-leading software and services enable every government employee — no matter what the job — to help improve citizens’ lives.

Made to withstand harsh environments, Panasonic Connect's TOUGHBOOK rugged laptops and 2-in-1 devices are the perfect solution for military personnel, first responders, field scientists and other individuals who work in extreme conditions. Secure and versatile, the devices can be used to access military intelligence data, communicate with command centers, document work, collect evidence and coordinate speedy responses to emergency situations.

Additionally, because rugged, modular laptops can scale up to meet each user’s or application’s specific needs, they offer a cost-effective solution without sacrificing any features, capabilities or security.


Trusted by numerous federal government agencies, TOUGHBOOK modular rugged laptops provide:

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    SmartCard readers for secure access and authentication

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    Second encrypted removable SSD hard drive to protect mission-critical and sensitive data

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    Reliable access to real-time information, critical for decision making in the field

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    Second hot-swappable battery that offers up to 38 hours of battery life, ensuring uninterrupted operation

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    Smartcard and fingerprint readers for enhanced security

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    Lightweight design for easy portability in challenging environments


Field services workers need portable, reliable and rugged laptops that help them do their jobs quickly, efficiently and safely. Devices must withstand harsh environments, connect seamlessly with the home office, and be easy to carry around in the field.

Whether a construction professional is accessing blueprints, a repair technician needs a replacement part quickly or a line technician working high up a utility pole to fix an outage is submitting a detailed report, rugged laptops can stand up to the rigors of these and other jobs.

Consumer or commercial-grade devices ultimately break or run at less-than-peak performance in harsh and extreme environments. This causes downtime while devices are repaired or replaced, and negatively impacts overall productivity.

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    As purpose-built solutions for where employees work, Panasonic Connect's TOUGHBOOK rugged mobile solutions help field service professionals stay connected, share real-time data and use data analytics for effective decision-making and increased productivity.

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    Field services organizations can also upgrade units or add features out in the field as their users’ needs evolve by using Panasonic Connect’s xPAKs. These modular laptop options include extra hot-swappable batteries, a dedicated graphics card, additional ports for connecting to equipment, extra storage drives, and much more. Based on the employees needs on any given day, the device can be customized in a way that improves workflow and decreases downtime.