Is Your IT Team’s Efficiency Limited by Your Mobile Devices?

The Slidell Police Department, serving over 27,000 people in Louisiana, has nearly 170 officers who are constantly on the move. From their desks to patrol cars and different parts of the community, they rely on rugged mobile solutions to stay productive. But what happens when these solutions become a bottleneck for IT technicians and officers alike?   

For years, the Department had been using the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® 31. When the time came for a device upgrade, they sought a solution with a streamlined repair process and reliable support team that could prevent significant officer downtime.

The Slidell Police Department deployed over 150 TOUGHBOOK 55 laptops with customizable features and user-removable expansion packs (xPAKs), which provided a modular approach to device upgrades. Slidell also equipped officers with docking stations, depending on their work set-up.

The TOUGHBOOK 55 helped streamline workflows and ensured strong connectivity for officers across all Department divisions including animal control, the motorcycle group, dispatch group, training and patrol, CIV, CSI and records, correction, and the executive branch.

Thanks to the reliability of the TOUGHBOOK 55, trouble requests have dropped significantly for Slidell’s IT team. With less money and time spent servicing units, officers benefit from the efficiency supported by the device, helping them serve their community with better response times.     

Embracing the Versatility of the TOUGHBOOK 55 

Here are some key benefits from the Slidell Police Department’s deployment of the TOUGHBOOK 55:

  • The TOUGHBOOK 55 has a streamlined repair process and a reliable support team that ensures less downtime for troubleshooting, improving the efficiency of the IT team and officers.
  • Customizable features and user-removable xPAKs offer a modular approach to device upgrades, reducing the number of devices that need to be purchased and saving the Department money. The user-upgradable xPAKs also allow for customization based on individual officer requirements, such as the addition of DVD drives to specific units, providing a cost-effective solution.
  • Officers across all divisions benefit from the TOUGHBOOK 55’s flexibility and strong connectivity. The device helped streamline workflows and allowed officers to stay connected even during emergencies like Hurricane Ida.
  • Hot-desk set-up in the office with docking stations help officers easily transition between the office and patrol car when called for an incident. Overall, the deployment of the TOUGHBOOK 55 has been a game-changer for the Slidell Police Department. With the device’s durability, flexibility, and reliability, officers can stay productive and responsive to the community’s needs while minimizing downtime.

For more on Slidell’s success with the TOUGHBOOK 55, check out the full case study.