Four Ways Mobile Technology Enhances EMS Response

When someone calls 9-1-1 with a medical emergency, dispatch alerts EMS workers who are ready at a moment’s notice. These workers use the information available to decide how to quickly get to and treat a patient. Mobile devices, with the flexibility to work from any location, and modular components to adjust to different situations, can enhance the productivity and efficiency of EMS workers.

  1. Dispatch: Insight When the Call Comes in 

Devices with antennae wireless modules ensure EMS workers can receive details from dispatch, no matter their location. Whether responding to the first call of the day or the last, EMS workers rely on this information and use mobile devices to communicate location and patient updates with dispatch, doctors and hospitals.

  1. En Route to Scene: Critical information to Build a Strategic Plan of Action 

A minute can make the difference between simply triaging a patient and working to keep them alive. In the world of EMS, there is no time for downtime. Mobile solutions allow emergency workers to work en route to the scene, using 4G LTE or 5G connectivity to access electronic patient records and determine the best course of action for the situation. Connectivity also enables real-time updates, so strategic plans can be updated as needed. 

  1. Attending to the Patient: Support to Help Assess and Treat the Patient 

Once employees arrive on scene, the real work begins. Mobile devices with features such as high quality video conferencing and modularity allow emergency workers to assess the situation, adapt if needed, and treat the patient on site. Modularity specifically lets EMS workers swap out components of their device for what they need most in the moment, like an extra battery when the need arises. 

  1. From Field to Facility: Maximizing the First Minutes of Medical Response 

Timing is everything in emergency response. Mobile solutions must keep up with the fast-paced nature of an EMS employee’s job and the challenging environments that they work in. This technology must improve, not interfere, with patient outcomes. 

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