[E-book] Enterprise Mobility for Supply Chain Organizations: Making Digital Transformation Work For Your Business

The following is an excerpt from Panasonic’s e-book “Enterprise Mobility for Supply Chain Organizations: Making Digital Transformation Work For Your Business.” Download the full ebook to learn more about how digital transformation can be scalable for supply chain organizations of all sizes when implementing enterprise mobility solutions. 

Meeting the demands of digital transformation with enterprise mobility 

Two interconnected technology trends — enterprise mobility and digital transformation — are well underway in large enterprises today. Market research firm Global Market Insights forecasts that the market valuation of enterprise mobility will cross $11 billion by 2026. IT industry analyst firm IDC predicts that worldwide spending on digital transformation will reach $2.3 trillion in 2023.

Companies making these investments focus not only on empowering workers with the right mobile devices, but also on understanding the impact of digital transformation on their business operations and their customers.

Companies of all sizes recognize the importance of the intersection of enterprise mobility and digital transformation. But unlike large organizations, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) don’t have the budgets and tech resources of their bigger counterparts to invest in a complete digital overhaul in how they operate.

That doesn’t mean SMBs must forego the advantages of mobility and digital transformation. In fact, SMBs can use enterprise mobility as an initial first step toward modernizing how they work.

How supply chain SMBs can implement mobility-driven digital transformation

The good news is that with cloud-based apps, wireless connectivity, and powerful rugged mobile devices, mobile-driven digital transformation is well within reach for SMBs. Experienced enterprise mobility technology providers with industry expertise are ready to help you get there with the right mobile technology, apps, and an ecosystem of partners to provide real business solutions.

For regional or light manufacturing, warehouses and distribution centers, and transportation and logistics operators, mobile and digital devices offer significant opportunities. Who wouldn’t want to increase productivity and streamline operations?

The challenges lie in moving from tactical mobile projects using consumer-grade devices to an enterprise mobility deployment and fully leveraging the data available “at the edge.” That data is the key to improving business performance and customer service.

In this e-book from Panasonic, discover the steps SMBs can take to deploy enterprise mobility across their supply chain organization. From securing your networks for edge computing to using cloud-based analytics to make data-driven decisions, we lay out the steps you can take toward a more seamless digital transformation.