[Ebook] The Potential of Android-Powered Enterprise Devices

The following is an excerpt from our ebook, “Android: The Enterprise-Ready
Platform For Rugged Mobility.” Download the full ebook to learn more about how the Android revolution can transform your business.

Why Android Has Replaced Windows CE 

The Android enterprise revolution has begun. Three converging developments are driving the growing adoption of Android rugged mobile devices across diverse industries, from utilities and energy to supply chain and public safety sectors. As these paradigm shifts become more widespread, companies are embracing Android as a true enterprise-ready platform.

One development is the prospect of device end of life for many fleets of rugged dedicated handhelds now that Windows CE has reached the end of support. Enterprises still operating these aging fleets are looking at Android enterprise mobility solutions as they consider what’s next in supporting mobile workers in harsh environments.

Adoption of Android across Enterprise Devices On The Rise

The adoption of Android in the enterprise is strong and growing. According to an IDC survey, Android rugged devices are forecasted to grow 23% through 2021 — which is five times the rate of the rugged market overall. That means Android will be the dominant rugged device OS in the enterprise through 2022.1 Additionally, a survey focused on rugged devices in the warehouse, from industry multimedia publication DC Velocity, found that 56 percent of respondents said they planned to increase their use of Android devices.

Concurrent with the phaseout of Windows CE, Google has extended its Android Enterprise Recommended program to include rugged devices, addressing the increased security and manageability that enterprises require. And device manufacturers are leveraging new technology to equip Android rugged devices with additional capabilities, including more computing power, redundant connectivity, sensors, cameras, advanced scanners, and long battery life.

The result, whether you’re shopping for a new enterprise rugged mobility solution or replacing existing, outdated hardware, is the opportunity to rethink how you are equipping your mobile workforce to be more productive. Moreover, more powerful devices and apps, a flexible operating system, and always-on communications make it possible to integrate mobility platforms with data-driven digital transformation initiatives.

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