Productivity+: Panasonic’s Software Support for Android-based Rugged Mobile Devices

As our digital world continues to transform, enterprise-grade mobile solutions must evolve to address the needs of today’s workforce. With Windows CE reaching end of life, Android has become the top operating system for rugged mobile deployments. Mobile solutions are increasingly critical for remote work, offering versatility, adaptability and critical connectivity.


Today’s mobile, connected worker needs three things: reliable hardware, secure software and services/support. To meet workers’ hardware and software requirements, we recently introduced the Android-based TOUGHBOOK A3 rugged tablet. However, mobile devices are only as reliable as the services and support ecosystem behind them. That’s where our full productivity+ solution comes into play.


Productivity+ features software solutions for mobile device app development, deployment and sustainment. With productivity+, we can help you rewrite legacy applications, configure device settings and define user access for Android devices. In simpler terms, at all phases of a rugged mobile device’s lifecycle, productivity+ streamlines device preparation, management and long-term use.


For example, for enterprise IT managers starting to integrate Android into their mobile workforces’ devices, productivity+ enables them to configure hundreds of device settings across deployments simultaneously. Integrating seamlessly with mobile device management platforms, IT managers can enable Wi-Fi access, configure device button functions or other settings in batches, rather than choosing these settings on individual devices. These same managers are faced with preserving legacy applications, such as proof of delivery software for logistics and transportation or inventory management software for manufacturing. Productivity+ offers rapid application development to transition these critical applications to the Android operating system and reduces deployment timelines to preserve bottom lines.




A Complete Partner Ecosystem and Comprehensive Professional Services


The productivity+ partner ecosystem enables collaboration with independent software vendors, resellers and third-party accessories built to support a technology stack that brings multiple technologies together to meet customers’ needs. By working with software vendors both before your rollout and post-deployment, we make sure software works flawlessly on your devices so you have a customized solution tailored to your mobile workforce’s specific requirements.


Mobile deployments can also bring up a mountain of questions, and providing support throughout the transition is critical before, during and after deployment. That’s why we work with independent software vendors, resellers and third-party accessory providers to ensure the software integrates seamlessly with various devices. Panasonic ProServices also offers consultation, enhanced warranty and device exchange services and the support customers need at every stage of their journey.


So whether you’re an EMS worker accessing medical records on the go, or a warehouse worker looking for visibility into your always-on environment, productivity+ offers a full ecosystem of reliable hardware, secure software and ProServices that fully support all aspects of your Android mobile deployment.


To learn more about how productivity+ and the TOUGHBOOK A3 can keep your workforce productive as you implement Android mobile solutions, visit our website.


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