How Flix Brewhouse Improved Customer Service With the Right Rugged Mobile Technology Partner

When it opened its doors six years ago, Flix Brewhouse had one goal: to offer a full service restaurant and brewery experience with a special treat, movies. Flix Brewhouse found instant success, with expansion plans of fifteen locations expected by 2020. However, this unique dining experience brought a unique operational challenge: providing high quality, efficient service with minimal interruptions to the movie-going experience. The managers of Flix set out to find a technology solution that would simplify the serving process and guarantee customer satisfaction.

When considering a technology solution, Flix sought out to find a rugged mobile device that had the functionality they needed. The Flix managers needed a product that would survive through nonstop transactions, drops and the occasional beer spill. After retiring previous products after only a year of use, they required a device that is built to last.

The company began working closely with Panasonic to customize a rugged mobile tablet solution with a magnetic strip reader, hot-swappable batteries purpose-built to operate for years on the floor.  Flix also selected an extended warranty to cover even accidental damage, leaving management with the peace of mind of zero maintenance and replacement costs for three years. Flix Brewhouse quickly discovered that the right technology solution makes all the difference. With a failure rate of less than one percent and an increase in service speed, customer satisfaction is at an all-time high.

To learn more about how Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 tablets allowed Flix Brewhouse to overcome a unique service challenge, watch the video below or read the full case study online