Introducing the Updated TOUGHBOOK 33: Better Performance, Flexibility, Functionality and Security in a 2-in-1 Form Factor

As the mobile workforce grows, flexible technology that supports on-the-go work is increasingly in demand. Since its introduction to the market in 2017, the TOUGHBOOK 33 has been one of the best-selling fully rugged models of any laptop, 2-in-1 or tablet thanks to its innovative design, including its distinction as the only rugged laptop or tablet with a 3:2 aspect ratio. This provides superior viewing of business applications like CAD, requires less scrolling from the user and is both more airbag-friendly and easier to handle. Because mobile workers face ever-evolving field conditions, they’ve relied on the device for its flexibility, rugged capabilities and superior connectivity.

Today, Panasonic is introducing new improvements to the 2-in-1 TOUGHBOOK 33 to meet evolving industry needs for flexibility and deliver on the performance and reliability customers have come to expect from the TOUGHBOOK brand. The latest updates to the TOUGHBOOK 33, driven by a customer-focused philosophy core to Panasonic, include new functionalities, an enhanced user experience and expanded flexibility to offer a faster, more powerful device for maximum mobility. Whether public sector, utilities or enterprise, the updated TOUGHBOOK 33 helps mobile workers operate safely and efficiently in any environment.

Better Performance

The TOUGHBOOK 33 is powered by 10th Gen Intel Core™ i5 and i7 processors (with Intel® vPro Technology), which is 40% faster using SysMark 2018, and delivers high performance to keep remote workforces connected, productive and secure. The standard and maximum capacities of the SSD and RAM are also doubled, providing better value and future-proofing operations: The SSD is now NVMe which allows up to 4x faster data transfer and the RAM is also 40% faster.

Wi-Fi 6 allows up to 2.4 Gbps speeds (2.8x faster) and Bluetooth 5.1 connections to make the device well-suited for handling networks with many devices and efficiently transmitting information across wider geographical ranges. Transportation and logistics professionals will find this helpful for real-time shipping updates and a streamlined supply chain. For IT departments looking to future-proof, there is an option to choose 32GB of onboard RAM and 1 TB of storage.

Greater Flexibility

In addition to its 2-in-1 form factor and innovative 3:2 display, the TOUGHBOOK 33 is more flexible than its predecessor. This is the first TOUGHBOOK device to support Private LTE (including Band 48 Citizens Broadband Radio Service), which are local cellular networks that offer more security and reliability than traditional Wi-Fi networks. In addition to the existing USB-A port, a new USB-C port with power delivery has been added to provide a variety of connection possibilities and functionalities including daisy chaining up to five monitors, delivering power to the PC, connecting to peripherals and being used for media storage with double the speed of the USB-A port.

The ability to use the device as a tablet or laptop with optional keyboard is especially important for linemen and field crews working in dangerous conditions after a storm, often making repairs in tight spaces or underground. For law enforcement, the TOUGHBOOK 33 helps officers interact with critical and time-sensitive data whether they’re in or out of the patrol car because the tablet can be easily detached from the keyboard, making it easier to perform a traffic stop or give a ticket.

The TOUGHBOOK 33 also comes equipped with both a physical SIM card and an electronic SIM (eSIM), giving users a choice of their preferred method. The TOUGHBOOK 33 is the first rugged laptop or tablet that uses an eSIM which provides easier installs, management and durability. Additionally, the two-button digitizer stylus now also provides erase functionality, adding to its superior writing, drawing and signature accuracy.

Enhanced Functionality

With an unwavering commitment to mobile workers and their needs, improvements were also made to the device’s audio and visual functionalities. The new TOUGHBOOK 33 has speakers reaching volumes 50% louder than the original TOUGHBOOK 33 so important information can be conveyed clearly in any environment. For EMS and other first responders who often use sirens or operate in loud environments, this is mission critical when responding to emergencies. In addition, the dual array microphones have been improved for better audio quality and speech recognition especially in loud environments, whether it is from mobile workers working from home, on a construction site, the side of a highway or inside a vehicle.

The device’s rear camera now features laser autofocus, which is up to 30x faster, and improved low light abilities to allow users to capture higher quality images and videos in nighttime conditions. The improved infrared webcam allows biometric user authentication and now features a privacy cover for peace of mind. As for the new optional keyboard, the red backlight is 3x brighter than ever right out-of-the-box, which is especially useful for low-light situations such as those you might find during a nighttime stakeout or tactical mission. The Panasonic Day/Night Mode software has also been added that allows users to select from 12 different effects for their entire display including different colors, inverted colors, greyscale and blue light reduction. For maximum convenience, users can activate Night Mode manually, by timer or based on the amount of ambient light. The optional barcode reader has also been improved to offer a brighter laser to easily aim and scan barcodes even in direct sun.

Additionally, the TOUGHBOOK 33 features a brilliant QHD 1200 nit display and hot swappable twin batteries. The tablet and keyboard are IP65, MIL-STD-810 and 461 certified. ANSI hazardous location C1D2 Groups ABCD certification is available.

State-of-the-Art Security

Packed into the device are enhanced security features for users operating in even the most data-sensitive industries. In addition to its webcam privacy cover, the TOUGHBOOK 33 is now a Secured-core PC and comes standard with Intel® Hardware Shield (part of Intel vPro®). When combined, the security offers PC fleet stability, remote management of devices, integrated hardware, firmware and software protection. And with OPAL SSDs now standard, users can choose if they want to use the hardware encryption of the OPAL SSD, software encryption with BitLocker or no encryption at all. These additional security features benefit frontline workers who require access to sensitive information like medical records and are provided to the user for no charge.

The newly updated TOUGHBOOK 33 is available for purchase now. For complete product details and to learn more about the device, please visit our website.