Using the Cloud to Deliver Business-Ready Devices to Mobile Workers

Deploying new technology to mobile workers can be a challenge. For IT teams, it means performing hours of in-house device provisioning, which can delay getting mission-critical solutions like laptops and tablets in the hands of workers in the field – not to mention the technical knowledge, extra costs and complexity inherent to any new device setup.

To help organizations get TOUGHBOOK devices to mobile workers faster, we now offer cloud deployment services for both Android and Windows devices that provide automated device provisioning before delivery. These out-of-the-box solutions simplify device deployment for IT, enable a seamless experience for mobile workers and boost overall performance for organizations. Here’s how.

Creating a Seamless Experience for Workers and IT

TOUGHBOOK Cloud Deployment Services provide mobile workers with ready-to-use devices, which removes the hands-on setup needed from IT administrators to unbox, assemble, image, customize and configure the TOUGHBOOK computer.

Mobile workers receive new devices directly from the factory because Panasonic uploads the device information needed for enrollment on behalf of the customer. Over-the-air provisioning services allow the individual to complete configuration using the device.

Your organization also has control over the operating system and can pre-enroll the device, eliminating non-OEM service provider costs and significantly reducing the time it takes to deploy the device into the field. This is especially helpful for IT departments moving to a cloud-based infrastructure or those looking to decrease IT administrative tasks.

On the day the TOUGHBOOK device is delivered, law enforcement officers can use it for e-ticketing and reporting purposes, manufacturers can mount it to forklifts for supply chain efficiency and utility workers can complete and transmit work orders in real time.

Faster Deployment – No Engineering Degree Required

Our Cloud Deployment Services eliminate the need for your staff to configure devices. The devices are set up faster with no end user technical knowledge required. The deployment services also accommodate asset tagging and physical kitting of additional materials, delivering it all to end user locations.

Simply put, a mobile worker can turn on a new TOUGHBOOK device, connect to the internet and finalize setup with an easy automated process. Police officers, EMS personnel, warehouse workers and others can start using their device the day they receive it.

Easy Updates and Maintenance

Not only does the cloud help customers more easily deploy new devices, but it helps with future upgrade plans too by reducing the time IT spends keeping the entire organization’s laptops, tablets and handhelds up to date with the latest software. The cloud service allows ongoing maintenance to be completed remotely – avoiding the downtime associated with physically bringing a device to the IT team or manufacturer for updates. The solutions can also improve any reconfiguration needed and lowers deployment costs for technology refreshes.

To learn more about TOUGHBOOK Cloud Deployment Services, visit our resource center.