Achieve Next-Generation Situational Awareness in Tactical Operations with NIAP-Certified TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical

As technologies evolve, federal, military and public safety personnel need a powerful and mission-ready mobile device for tactical operations. With durability, reliability and high performance at the forefront, rugged mobile solutions have become a mission-critical tool for first responders and military personnel on the front line.

In September 2020, Panasonic launched the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical, a fully rugged handheld mobile device that is purpose-built and mission-ready, delivering seamless and real-time communications to tactical teams in the field. Built to be soldier or officer-worn, the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical complements other mobile solutions in the TOUGHBOOK family, ranging from 7-inch tablets in the hands of a squad leader, to 10-inch tablets mounted in vehicles, to 12 to 14-inch laptops for use in a tactical operations center.

The TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical is different from typical military end user devices (EUDs), which are often variations of consumer-modified hardware. The TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical is rugged-built to MIL-STD-810G standards and designed to withstand extreme environments, including rain, dust and extreme temperatures. The device features a 500 NIT daylight readable HD display with a rain-sensing mode that allows military and search and rescue teams or law enforcement officers to use the device in the rain without the raindrops activating the screen. Additionally, the glove touch mode ensures that the screen can be read and manipulated in all conditions.

NIAP-certified, the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical is the defense and public safety solution for improved situational awareness and enhanced operational resilience. The TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical is purpose-built for the following sectors and agencies:

  • Military – EUD for situational awareness
  • State and local government – search and rescue, wildfire management
  • Federal Civilian agencies, e.g. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) – situational awareness, improved communications, tactical operations
  • Federal civilian agencies, e.g. FEMA – disaster management
  • Law enforcement agencies – situational awareness, security detail around large events, location tracking, field-based applications

Tailored Software That Enables Communications in Real-Time

The TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical is built on an open and secure Android operating system enabling seamless integration with a diverse ecosystem of tactical solution partners. Leveraging SA applications such as ATAK, KILSWITCH and HC2, law enforcement and military personnel can perform smarter and more streamlined planning using GPS and geospatial map data and accessing critical data information that enhances real-time action.

Additionally, TOUGHBOOK devices are frequently used for remote navigation such as unmanned aerial system (UAV) solutions. Their reliability and high-performance functionality allow military and public safety officials to effectively monitor and manage emergencies remotely via live video feeds.

Through collaboration with PAR Government, the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical features Team Connect – a cloud-based TAK server that reduces internal deployment and administration resources, enabling anytime, anywhere access for more connected teams.

Device Management and Support for Mission-Critical Deployment

In addition to the inherent durability of the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical, federal agencies and IT teams can access Panasonic’s expertise in deploying mobile solutions. Panasonic’s ProServices team provides customized development, deployment, and sustainment services supporting tactical uses cases, as well as for managing devices through configuration updates, and during each stage of the solution’s life cycle.

While consumer-based EUD’s are considered disposable, TOUGHBOOK devices are built to last, typically with a sub-2% failure rate. With longer product and field life cycles, TOUGHBOOK devices such as the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical offer lower sustainment and operational costs. These factors contribute to a favorable total cost of ownership (TCO), providing more benefits in the long run.

Providing Military and Federal Personnel What They Need to Stay Securely Connected

Access to data and real-time information is the backbone of enhanced situational awareness in tactical environments. As private 4G networks are considered for tactical environments, wireless performance becomes critical. The design of the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical has been validated in multiple Department of Defense (DoD) exercises. In comparison to consumer options in use, side by side testing shows that the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical stays connected in a wider radius and reconnects sooner.

Data security is also essential in these environments. NIAP certification provides verification that the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical has the appropriate measures in place to keep data safe and secure. Whether conducting intelligence missions or engaging in command and control of military teams, the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical can protect users’ data privacy and information exchange between devices and applications.

Enabling Law Enforcement Officers to Achieve Heightened Situational Awareness

The TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical is also a trusted tool for law enforcement officers and can be used for event monitoring, location tracking, field-based applications, disaster response, and search and rescue.  

Search and rescue programs and wildfire containment efforts have increasingly adopted ATAK to transmit data and information in real-time for precision targeting, as well as gathering land formation for more streamlined navigation. With access to this information on the ground, rescue personnel are able to respond more effectively to unexpected situations. 

In the event of an emergency, state and local law enforcement agencies can also effectively utilize the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical to stay connected and coordinate between teams. By pairing the handheld device with a display or other in-vehicle mobile solutions, law enforcement professionals are able to issue reports and record in-vehicle data no matter where they are.

To learn more about the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical, visit our website or watch our video.