Meet the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical: A Fully Rugged End User Device (EUD) That’s Purpose-Built, Military Mission-Ready

Today’s growing mobile workforce is increasingly reliant on access to immediate, real-time information, constant updates and anytime, anywhere communications provided by their mobile devices. However, in work environments that are more challenging and unpredictable, standard, off-the-shelf, consumer-grade mobile devices often fail or break in outdoor, extreme environments. 

As a fully rugged handheld mobile device, the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical is purpose-built as a military mission-ready EUD, helping defense and military personnel execute their missions safely and effectively. When traversing through mud, dust, dangerous terrain, torrential rain, or extreme heat or cold weather, they can operate the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical without worrying about protecting it from exposure. 

The TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical also features a 4.7” high definition, anti-reflective daylight readable screen, giving military personnel a clear view of information on the screen. With its rain sensing and glove touch mode and 100 dB loudspeakers, military professionals stay connected and informed in mission-critical situations.

In addition to these attributes, the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical rugged handheld device has additional features tailored to the needs of the military market, including:

  • 7-foot drop rating, IP66, IP68, and MIL-STD-810G certified, (NIAP certification pending)
  • 20-hour battery life with a user-replaceable battery that is warm-swap capable
  • Five fast access programmable buttons for quick function or application switching
  • Qualcomm® SDM660 2.2GHz Octa-Core CPU / RAM 4GB/Flash eMMC: 64 GB

Improving Situational Awareness in Military Operations

Out in the field, situational awareness is crucial to both safety and mission success. The new TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical was designed to run Nett Warrior, ATAK, KILSWITCH and hC2 situational awareness apps that use GPS and precision mapping to give users a real-time view of the area of operations, bringing critical information to the fingertips of those on the frontline. The design has been validated by use in multiple situational awareness exercises. With the current industry-leading reliability of the TOUGHBOOK N1, soldiers and military leaders can feel confident using the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical for their missions. 

Enhancing Data Security and Operational Resilience

In a military setting, data vulnerabilities can be fatal. The TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical runs on Android 9 Pie which offers more security components including expanded encryption capabilities, protecting users’ data privacy and information exchange between devices and applications. Additionally, Android 9 OS supports multiple users on a single Android device by separating user profiles and application data while not compromising data privacy of each user.

Panasonic is also announcing an OS update for our TOUGHBOOK N1 rugged handheld, which is now also running Android 9.

To learn more about the TOUGHBOOK N1 Tactical, visit our website or watch our video