6 Core Benefits of TOUGHBOOK Rugged Mobile Devices for the Military

Soldiers need rugged mobile devices they can take anywhere, and count-on everywhere. When it comes to performing their duties — from the battlefield to the base — military personnel rely on the right technology to help get the job done.

But not all rugged devices are created equal. You need computing firepower that is portable, durable, and secure. Rugged mobile devices are an essential tool for everything from flight control operations to battlefield communications.

Panasonic’s mobility solutions are engineered for dependability — even under the toughest battlefield conditions. Our TOUGHBOOK devices are purpose-built for heavy-duty work and deliver a combination of functionality, performance, and reliability.

Here are six key benefits of Panasonic’s rugged mobile technology that have made the TOUGHBOOK a world leader when it comes to mobility solutions for the military.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

One of the most significant benefits of TOUGHBOOK rugged devices for military applications is total cost of ownership (TCO). While TOUGHBOOK devices require a higher initial investment than standard commercial-grade products, they offer a lower TCO over time. Lower costs can help you stretch your budget dollars while ensuring that the best available technology is being used in the field.

A combination of extremely low failure rates for TOUGHBOOK devices, and long life cycles, contribute to a favorable TCO. According to an IDC white paper, sponsored by Panasonic, TCO savings can reach 15% over a five-year period. That’s because of the reliability and extended use time of our rugged mobile devices.

Our TOUGHBOOK line of laptops, tablets, and handhelds help control costs without sacrificing performance. In fact, Panasonic devices are over five times more reliable than the average laptop used by businesses in the United States. That’s based on a comparison of actual Panasonic performance data for its TOUGHBOOK family of devices compared with PC Magazine reader-reported data for competitors.

Engineered for Functionality

Military users need devices they can depend on and take anywhere. Rugged devices give support personnel and troops on the ground the peace of mind that they will be able to perform mission-critical operations on the base or on the move. To meet this challenge, Panasonic devices are engineered from the ground-up for military-grade mobility.

To provide this industry-leading performance, our TOUGHBOOK devices undergo rigorous testing that often exceeds the test specifications of MIL-STD 810G. For example, the MIL-STD-810G “Method 500” altitude test calls for testing in a chamber that simulates an altitude of 15,000-feet above sea level. But the TOUGHBOOK 20 and the TOUGHBOOK 33 laptops, for instance, are tested at a simulated altitude of 50,000-feet in order to certify their performance under extreme low-pressure conditions.

Panasonic is also the only major manufacturer that designs, builds, and tests its mobile devices in its own production facilities. This means we can control quality so that our customers get optimal performance and reliability when they need it.

Optimized for Operability

Another outstanding feature of the TOUGHBOOK line is the high-performance of our devices. This includes unsurpassed wireless connectivity that is integrated into our devices.

Our innovative 2-in-1 laptops are perfect for use in an office or in the field. They can also dock in a vehicle, or convert into a tablet for increased mobility. The 2-in-1 flexibility of the TOUGHBOOK 20 and the TOUGHBOOK 33, for instance, enable you to quickly convert from a lightweight laptop into a versatile tablet. These laptops also include a bridge battery that enables hot-swappable battery replacement — without disrupting your workflow.

Panasonic mobile devices are also powered by industrial-strength Intel and Qualcomm processors and run Windows® or Android™ operating systems. This provides you with dependability and precision when running compatible software solutions.

The Qualcomm® Octa-Core processor in the TOUGHBOOK N1 handheld, for example, is indicative of the power and speed that our rugged mobile devices offer.

Designed for Ease of Use

Ease of use is a hallmark of the TOUGHBOOK rugged mobile device line-up. Every form factor and model is optimized with the workflow and productivity of end-users in mind. Our devices are also built with essential mobile productivity features, such as sunlight-viewable screens, a handle to easily carry the laptop, lighted keyboards for low-light conditions, and patented rain-sensing and glove touch-enabled screen technology for handheld devices.

The powerful TOUGHBOOK N1 handheld is an example of a user-friendly design. It offers up to 19 hours of battery life and can support AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT) as well as Land Mobile Radio (LMR) devices. Having a long-lasting battery helps ensure that you can stay in constant communication during mission-critical situations.

Certified as TAA Compliant

The Trade Agreement Act (TAA) — created in 1979 — is intended to foster the growth and maintenance of a fair and open international trading system.

 One of the primary requirements of the TAA is that products purchased by the United States government can only be made in the U.S. or by a designated country. To meet that requirement, the TOUGHBOOK  family of devices is TAA Compliant. That means our TOUGHBOOK mobile devices are ready for immediate deployment by U.S. military users.

Backed By 24/7 Service and Support  

An important part of the value proposition when it comes to the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK family of rugged mobile devices is our exceptional support and service. Our rugged computers include the strongest warranties in the business and are loaded with industry-leading productivity software. Moreover, our ProServices team — a U.S.-based network of repair centers, engineers, and industry experts — provides 24/7 customer service.

ProServices for TOUGHBOOK devices include:

  • Pre-deployment consulting
  • Engineering design and field engineering expertise
  • Deployment services, such as imaging, asset tagging
  • Warranty coverage and maintenance services
  • Hard drive replacement
  • End of life recycling

Panasonic ProServices can help you with quicker deployment times, greater availability of IT resources, reduced ownership costs, and increased productivity.

What’s more, the Panasonic National Service Center supports every TOUGHBOOK device in the field. The service center can also perform stress testing, software imaging, and integration of third-party accessories so the devices arrive field-ready and customized for active duty. Trained technicians and engineers provide warranty support, including on-site visits to help customize mobile computing solutions for specific use cases.

You also can extend the standard three-year warranty that protects TOUGHBOOK devices with the Panasonic Ultimate Care Warranty, which provides comprehensive coverage for all of your TOUGHBOOK mobile devices. This eliminates the need for out-of-warranty repairs and minimizes downtime in the event of a device problem. A 24/7 hotline and website also provide dedicated support for our customers.

The TOUGHBOOK family offers military users computing devices that have been battle-tested. From military bases to the front lines, our laptops, tablets, and handhelds are built to withstand everything from impact and grime to high altitude and harsh weather.

Learn more about how the TOUGHBOOK family of mobile devices is ready for active duty.