New Survey Results: Are Police Agencies Ready for FirstNet®?

When it comes to being ready for FirstNet, how do you compare to your peers across the country? Find out in these results from a new survey.

Authorized by congress in 2012, FirstNet has finally come to fruition nationwide after years of planning, preparation and deployment. And while an increasing number of agencies are recognizing the benefits of the dedicated wireless broadband communications platform, many police departments still face challenges when adopting FirstNet. But with the right tools and support, every public safety agency can benefit from the improved communication that FirstNet provides.

According to a survey conducted by PoliceOne, 70 percent of respondents said they are familiar with FirstNet, and 32 percent said their agency is already using or considering a transition to FirstNet. While FirstNet adoption is high – 750K connections at the end of Q2 2019 – and the benefits of joining FirstNet are significant, what are some agencies waiting for? Check out the PoliceOne survey results to find out.

Here are two keys to getting your agency ready for FirstNet.

1. Partner with a trusted vendor

With a partner like Panasonic that handles everything from activations to device installation, on-site support and more, your transition to FirstNet is made simple with constant support. We are helping agencies take advantage of FirstNet and Band 14 by offering FirstNet Ready™ devices such as the TOUGHBOOK 33 (CF-33 EM7511) and TOUGHBOOK 54 (CF-54 EM7511) that enable first responders to communicate during emergencies without interference from commercial network traffic.

2. Choose the right devices based on your needs

The top three device features needed to take advantage of FirstNet include connectivity, ruggedness and extended battery life, meaning that choosing the right technology to connect to FirstNet is essential. Additionally, 49 percent of law enforcement professionals state that they prefer a laptop as their primary mobile device for police work. Regardless of what form factor your agency chooses, every Panasonic device is purpose-built and highly customizable to help you get work done every day.