Using RealSense Technology to Solve Real-World Problems

From our daily work and field engagements with our customers, we purpose-built RealSense™ technology into the TOUGHPAD FZ-M1 Tablet. RealSense™ technology gives machines and devices depth-perception capabilities, helping users to better see and understand any situation. The article explores how, by combining Intel RealSense™ technology with a mobile-enabled solution, professionals in a wide variety of industries can work safely, efficiently and intelligently, especially during demanding, high precision tasks or situations.


A highway maintenance technician needs to measure a crack in an overpass and understand the extent of the damage; a warehouse manager wants to maximize a facility’s usage of space; a medical professional needs to monitor the depth and size of a patient’s wounds for changes. Professionals working in these and other industries where precision is extremely critical—and room for error is minimal—now have new technology solutions changing the way they work.

In line with our focus on providing customers with purpose-built mobile computing solutions that help solve their most critical pain points, we recently introduced the Panasonic TOUGHPAD FZ-M1 tablet with Intel® RealSense™ D410 technology for accurate 3D measurement of a wide range of industry applications. Here’s how companies are using RealSense™ technology to operate more efficiently out in the field or in their facilities.





Warehousing and logistics. Measuring the high volume of pallets, boxes, and packages moving through an expansive fulfillment center is difficult. With roughly 80% of any warehouse sitting unused at any given time, there is a significant opportunity for improvement. Using RealSense™ measurement technology and a dimensional freight optimization app on the tablet, sizes can be calculated in less than a second. Users can also receive direction on how much will fit into a space, or how much space is being consumed. This speed and accuracy results in freeing up employees to focus on more important tasks and helps drive cost savings.

Infrastructure & asset management and maintenance: Climbing ladders or tethering down a rope to measure the size of the cracks in concrete bridges and buildings is time-consuming and dangerous. Using the TOUGHPAD FZ-M1 tablet with RealSense™ camera technology, the same workers can quickly take photos of and measure cracks in bridges or buildings quickly and accurately. The pictures can be sent to remote experts for examination in real time. Workers no longer have to spend an inordinate amount of time in a dangerous position. The technology also helps provide an accurate measurement for repair estimates and gives users a better understanding of the damage itself, while at the same time enabling strong collaboration between the field tech and the organizations’ headquarter’s engineers/repair personnel.

Field service and surveying. The days when land surveyors spent entire days standing behind tripods, triangulating measurements, and doing the preliminary work for new buildings, structures, and public spaces are gone. Today, the same professionals are using advanced technology to take accurate measurements and capture pictures of the area of interest. Using 3D imaging, for example, surveyors can reduce their workflows while remotely providing precise measurements that engineering and design teams can feed right into their desktop-based CAD programs. This has helped to greatly improve worker safety and the cycle time of the surveying process. Now, a single professional can now accomplish what used to take an entire team a day—or more—to get done.

Solving Key Pain Points

With RealSense™ technology integrated with Panasonic mobile devices, nearly all organizations and their workers, from the logistics manager to the medical professional to the police officer can take and process accurate 3D measurements on the spot. They can then use and share the data with other business applications in real-time, effectively solving some of their biggest pain points of time delays and inaccuracy.

From a financial perspective, having this single multi-purpose tool in the hands of field technicians means increased productivity as well as savings from buying one tool versus two separate tools. And from the field tech’s end user perspective it means lightening the weight of their tool box or belt.

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