Rugged Mobile Technology is now Standard Firefighting Gear

It’s no secret that firefighters work under extreme pressure and risk. This high-intensity career demands the most efficient, reliable, sturdy equipment on the market. And in today’s day and age, mobile technology has become as integral to firefighters as an axe or firehose. Mobile devices must be as rugged as they are, since firefighters need cutting-edge technology to stay connected to their teams, have access to real-time data – and of course, devices must be able to take the heat.

To show how fire departments around the country are using rugged technology, Firehouse created a smart paper showing how, with TOUGHBOOK devices, agencies can customize complete solutions to match their department’s unique needs.


  • The Hialeah, FL Fire Department, relies on its TOUGHBOOK devices to maintain efficiency and organization across 20 fire and rescue units and 8 stations responding to 30,000 calls a year.
  • The Houston Fire Department opted for TOUGHBOOK for an entirely different reason – to equip their brand new Emergency Tele Health and Navigation program that links first responders to emergency physicians while on scene via video conferencing.

For both departments, Panasonic delivered support to teams that required efficient, reliable, connected devices.

Support is of the utmost importance in a field with such associated urgency, risk and danger. Device uptime is a mission-critical factor for first responders who can’t afford downtime and firefighters need to trust their devices to be ready to use the second a call comes in. TOUGHBOOK provides first responders with devices that work as hard as they do. Through Panasonic ProServices, customers have access to additional warranty and repair, deployment and vehicle mounting services.

Panasonic is proud to supply first responders with technology that mirrors their dedication and strength. To discover more about the benefits that TOUGHBOOK devices offer this industry each and every day read the full Firehouse Smart Paper.