Building a Reliable Technology Ecosystem for the Modern-Day Military

The U.S. Army has always counted on Panasonic to develop and deliver innovative, cutting-edge products. At this year’s AUSA event, we strive to show even more.

Knowing that the modern-day military needs holistic, mission-critical solutions that help warfighters work efficiently and safely both on and off the battlefield, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK works closely with its partner ecosystem to develop mobile technology solutions that are as dependable as the teams that rely on them.

Whether that means integrating its rugged mobile handhelds with Airborne Systems’ parachute navigation systems, pairing up its mobile tablets into Aeryon Defense’s airborne drones, or combining its advanced mobile technology with Alluviam’s mission-critical field solutions, Panasonic has the military mobility spectrum covered.

When controlled with the Panasonic G1 military-grade rugged tablet, for example, Aeryon’s SkyRaider drones are being used to drop bottles of water, batteries, radios, and/or ammunition to troops out on the battlefield. In another example, Harris uses the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK N1 Handheld in conjunction with its radios, and Kinetic integrates the same device into its robot controllers.

As attendees at this year’s AUSA event will see firsthand, we’re working closely with a wide range of integrators that utilize Panasonic products as part of their solutions for the government.

Because the TOUGHBOOK brand is led by the “Voice of the Customer”, our engineering team is standing by, ready to help deliver the customized, mission-critical solutions that its military customers are asking for. As the maker of the industry-leading, most reliable rugged mobile computers on the market, our other key partners include Harris Corp. (radios), Meggitt (range training systems), AQYR (radar controllers), and QinetiQ NA (robot controllers), to name just a few. 

Smaller, Lighter, Faster Solutions

For U.S. Special Forces, the push is for smaller, lighter, faster, and more reliable technology solutions ranging from rugged handhelds and tablets to wearable/chest-mountable communication tools that allow the user to connect to multiple C4I devices. These folks are out there working in austere environments, so reliable, rugged options are always top of mind for them. These same military users also need a high level of computing power packed into a small footprint that allows them to access real-time, updated and accurate geospatial maps, data, and other intelligence.

U.S. Special Operations are also starting to rely more on industry innovation to help it gain access to cutting-edge products. To answer that call, we recently started working with DotProduct LLC.  DotProduct provides Dot3D scanning technology that integrates with the TOUGHBOOK M1 tablet’s RealSense Camera. This combined cutting-edge solution enables easy, rapid and measurable 3D imaging on the tablet to provide operators with a rapidly deployable forensic kit to be implemented in the field immediately following mission completion. This kit quickly captures vast amounts of valuable 3D documentation from the scene of the incident/capture/mission conclusion, often with only a matter of minutes on site. 

Continuous Innovation and Progress

As an industry leading manufacturer that helped advance the military’s use of rugged mobile computers in multiple environments, Panasonic continues to push out the limits of purpose-built mobile device design and development.

The military has always counted on Panasonic to be innovative, so we to strive to keep our finger on the pulse of what the various military branches need. That’s why we work closely with partners in the industry to fulfill those needs and solve those pain points.

Many times, effectively solving those pain points requires the work of many—a realization that Panasonic both acknowledges and embraces fully. We’re helping other companies design new solutions or supplement their offerings with advanced, purpose-built mobile devices. Concurrently, we’re developing cutting-edge products and blending our expertise with other entities to develop a full mobile tech ecosystem of solutions that the military and troops can rely on.  

Find out more about the Panasonic mobile solutions that warfighters rely on to help them successfully complete their mission-critical tasks. Stop by our booth #3247 at the 2018 AUSA event October 8 -10 in Washington, D.C. to touch base with our team.