The Future of Retail is Now: Trends in Mobile Retail Technology

At the NRF 2018 Retail’s Big Show & EXPO, Panasonic showcased the future of mobile retail solutions, demonstrating how integrating mobile technology into the retail space can allow for a seamless experience, from warehouse to front of store. 

Our retail clients have experienced firsthand how their industry is changing and have looked to Panasonic’s hardware, software and services for the solutions they need to adapt to the changing market. Whether managing inventory in a fast fashion store or leveraging mobile POS for a fast casual restaurant, staying competitive in the retail space is increasingly about knowing more, acting faster and working smarter.

In case you didn’t have time to stop by our booth or missed the show altogether, see what our experts had to say about our solutions:

How retailers can use in-store analytics and data-driven store management to better understand customer behavior:

Getting more value with better service and support:

Flexible payment options for mobile POS: 

Adaptable mobile solutions for warehouse and stockroom:

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