Study Reveals Top Purchase Requirements for Mobile Devices and How They are Being Utilized in the Supply Chain

The supply chain is changing almost daily as suppliers compete to deliver products to their customers and achieve the perfect order every time. The background details of order processing and tracking are generally known quantities and software and service providers continue to perfect the systems that manage ordering, processing, tracking, and delivery. But the people responsible for monitoring operations and resolving the issues that crop up daily rely on their tablets and laptops to give them insight into their processes, and connect them to the information they need in real time wherever they are working.

To examine how mobile solutions are being utilized in warehousing, logistics, distribution and manufacturing facilities, or with remote field operations, 185 managers were surveyed about the challenges they face. They are involved the purchase and usage of mobile and wireless solutions and were asked about managing supply chain activities and how mobile devices and applications can improve process proficiencies and accuracies.

Increasing process efficiencies tops the list of challenges facing warehouse and logistics managers. Also important to managers are their concerns with meeting customer expectations. In terms of technology, supply chain managers rated wireless connectivity at the very top of their purchase requirements list and are looking to increase the use of handheld and tablet devices.    

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