Enabling Automotive and Large Equipment Service Professionals with Mobile Technology

Vehicles, whether they are passenger cars, long haul freight carriers, or earth moving equipment have become reliant on electronics and other technology to run and optimize the engines, enable the various functions the vehicle performs, and to diagnose problems. And because vehicles can be located anywhere out on the road or in the field when service is needed, technicians need reliable and adaptable mobile computing devices that perform under adverse conditions so they can get sidelined equipment back into service quickly.

The bottom line is that service organizations must equip technicians with the right technology to operate in this new service model.

Technicians need to be digitally connected from anywhere at any time to capture and access critical vehicle data in real time under a variety of operating conditions.  Read more about this new service model, the technology as well as see some customer examples in the report, MOBILE VEHICLE AND HEAVY EQUIPMENT REPAIR SERVICES – THE NEW SERVICE MODEL.