The 4 Industries That Can Most Benefit from Technology Innovation

Can I just put this out there? Everyone can benefit from technology innovation. Faster, more innovative technology is going to make your employees more efficient and speed up business and customer service delivery. It’s not debatable, it’s an absolute fact. With faster, more efficient technology, the job gets done more efficiently as well. That said, some industries have more to lose from outdated technology than others. Those that aren’t updating their workstations will suffer from decreased employee efficiency and maybe higher turnover as a result, but there are a few industries that can benefit even more than professional services from innovative technology.

Here are just a few of them:

  1. Manufacturing
    If production stops, your ability to make money is halted as well. For manufacturers, their designers have to be able to use software and their production team needs to be working constantly to deliver products to their suppliers and customers. Technology is important, but how important is innovating that technology? It can mean the difference between delivering more units and increasing to your sales goals this year. For example, if a widget manufacturer produces 500 units in an hour and is able to get a piece of software, faster machines or equipment that allows them to double that production – they’re effectively doubling their revenue. Of course, this is a very basic example, but seconds are important in the manufacturing industry, so make sure that your technology isn’t wasting a moment.
  2. Construction
    Efficiency on the job site is critical for construction companies to deliver on the right timeline and budget. The right technology can not only help construction organizations communicate efficiently from administrative office to job site, but also speeding up the bidding and planning process. BYOD, the cloud and a few of the right construction technology applications can work together to set an innovative construction company apart from its competition.
  3. Medical
    Technology innovation for the medical industry is a must, particularly because HIPAA is a regulating body that requires certain minimum IT security and machine standards. But beyond that, innovative technology means happier patients, less time on the phone and significantly less time in the waiting room and processing paperwork. Whether you’re integrating mobile devices in the exam room or using apps to make your exams more efficient and patient-friendly, there are so many things that can be done to innovate your technology in this industry and set yourself apart from your competition.
  4. Hospitality
    From the hotel industry to restaurants and beyond – your technology is going to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience. That means easy check-ins at your hotels and more efficient use of your workstations across the board. The buzzword this year has been customer experience, and nowhere is that more important than in the hospitality industry, where reviews can make or break your business. What does innovation look like here? Mobile ordering can make a server’s life more efficient and eliminate mistakes, since orders are taken and put in at the same time. Automated check-in for hotels and resorts with an application for spa bookings and to view the status of their reservation are just a few ways that technology innovation is changing the game for this industry.

There are two options – innovate or remain stagnant in your technology. While you’re considering it, more and more of your competitors are implementing improved systems and applications that can set them apart and make their employees and customers’ lives easier. While these industries in particular, can definitely benefit from innovative technology, the fact is that it’s not limited to these few. Innovating your technology provides a boost in efficiency that seriously contributes to your bottom line, the experience of your customers and your employee satisfaction.

This article was written by Kyle Cebull from Business2Community and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network.


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