ASIS 2016: Security Trends on the Rise

With so much happening in the news, the 62nd annual ASIS conference offered a variety of exciting security technology advancements to address society’s changing needs. Industry insiders were captivated by new security technologies such as smart cards and 4K imaging surveillance, however, there were a handful of security trends that really made a splash at this year’s conference. Here are some of the top highlights from this year’s show:

Mobile Continues to Shine
As technology evolves, the days of not being able to check surveillance cameras from anywhere, anytime via mobile devices are becoming a thing of the past. Solutions like our i-PRO Extreme Platform with built-in H.265 cameras are optimized for mobility due to key enhancements such as smart coding, mixed mode streaming, increased recording channel capacity and an integrated GUI ideal for mobile use. It’s imperative that security organizations have a plan in place for upgrading all legacy equipment to include mobile functionality or ensure that there are options available for users who prefer access via their mobile devices.

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving real transformation and many organizations are managing increasingly complex networks with a widening variety of connected devices. However, as the evolution toward IoT slowly evolves, it’s safe to say that these highly connected networks will enhance productivity by improving the way data can be created, stored and accessed securely from anywhere and at any time.

Data breaches and malware attacks are increasingly commonplace making cybersecurity strategies top of mind for all enterprises—and physical security is no exception. As the number of network connected devices that are capturing and transmitting sensitive data or potential evidence increases, potential vulnerabilities also increase. Because data tampering and network breaches can be devastating for an organization, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity was a hot topic. Organizations and manufacturers focused on a variety data security strategies including embedded, network level security on video surveillance hardware and software as well as smart cards, dual authentication methods and fingerprint scanning.

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