How to Select the Right Mobility Devices for Your Enterprise

Your business has a variety of avenues to ensure it maximizes its mobile investments. The first step in that process is making sure businesses select the right device. As mobile devices have become a mission-critical component for virtually all organizations in a variety of industries, they need to be reliable and purpose-built for the environments in which they are utilized.

For utility workers, military, police and other field workers, who often find themselves in environments where their mobile devices are exposed to water, extreme heat or cold, intense vibrations or hard surfaces, failures – which result in reduced productivity – are common. Deploying the wrong device to mobile workers – often a consumer-grade solution – increases the risk of damage or failure, which can have deep financial consequences.

Businesses require enterprise-grade devices that provide the level of reliability and endurance needed on a daily basis. When selecting a device manufacturer, enterprises should look for a strategic solution provider that can offer not only durable devices, but essential services such as maintenance, remote device management and on-site service and rapid turnaround of replacement devices. These services help ensure employees are able to work as effectively as possible.  To help our customers we, at Panasonic, offer to do ride alongs or “shadow” field service workers for a day to understand the job requirements before recommending a mobile device. This is just one example of our approach to the mobile device selection process.

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