Defense Workers Say Investing in Rugged Computers Ensures Data Protection

A recent study conducted by Military & Aerospace Electronics revealed that an overwhelming nine out of ten respondents say it’s worth investing in rugged computers rather than risking the loss of valuable data on consumer-grade devices. Many find that while the initial sticker-price of a consumer device may seem attractive, ultimately their lack of reliability makes them a poor investment for aerospace and defense applications.

In fact, over half of the respondents said they or their organizations have lost data due to the failure of a consumer-grade computer. Study participants that work in military, aerospace, industrial automation and homeland security sectors reported that data loss is a major issue of concern. These types of workers are responsible for maintaining enormous amounts of sensitive data, so when that data is compromised it can be catastrophic to their organizations – and potentially, for the country as a whole.

In addition to security, the most important features to defense workers when selecting a rugged device included water resistance, resistance to shock and vibration, lightweight design, power-efficient system, and the ability to run custom applications. Hot-swap batteries, GPS capability, advanced processors, Bluetooth and satellite communications capability, and the ability to accept mil-spec connectors were also considered important.

According to the survey, almost 90 percent of respondents said they favored rugged computers and 74 percent have deployed rugged computers or tablets. The remaining respondents indicated their roadblock for deploying rugged computing technology is cost.

For virtually every government agency, budget and resources are often limited, making technology investments challenging. Cost was the number one reason given for not using rugged devices.

However, as clearly indicated by respondents, non-rugged consumer grade devices may not be worth the lower sticker price. Those agencies which do not invest in rugged technology may experience higher failure rates, leading to increased down time, lower productivity and potentially more compromised data. Investing in rugged computers is essential for today’s military personnel to make sure all missions are completed safely and efficiently.

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