Emergency Management Technology Tools: What’s Working?

Because of the important role that emergency responders have in our society, the technology they use is specialized to meet responders’ unique needs. Even with technological advancements, challenges remain. Take a wildfire that borders a suburban neighborhood, for example. Responders must determine where that fire is spreading, what equipment is needed, and if residents need to evacuate. Another challenge is maintaining uninterrupted connectivity between first responders. This can often be disrupted by terrain and topography. Emergency management technology tools should be rugged and have reliable connectivity so responders can stay situationally aware in chaotic situations. And Panasonic Connect has mobile solutions and services to help teams increase situational awareness and coordinate effective responses.

  • Software and accessories: We work with our network of industry-leading partners to find the right combination of applications and accessories to help you on the job. From notification software systems that pinpoint the origin of a 911 call to vehicle docks, these solutions are designed to help emergency responders work more efficiently.
  • TOUGHBOOK computers: Our line of devices — including the 2-in-1 TOUGHBOOK G2, and fully rugged TOUGHBOOK 40 laptop — offer rugged durability, exceptional reliability, and connectivity for any situation.
  • Support services: To support you, we have experts in areas including assembly and deployment, strong warranties and add-on services, and real-time asset management.

Emergency situations can change in the blink of an eye. First responders need reliable mobile computing and software that’s adaptable and allows them to maintain their own situational awareness, while managing and protecting communities.

Learn more about how the line of Panasonic Connect TOUGHBOOK solutions and support services can help emergency responders work more efficiently and effectively.