Regiscope Upgrades Yard Gate Management Solution

A manual recording process like putting pen to paper makes yard gate management a laborious job. Based in Reading, Pennsylvania, Regiscope provides 50 customers across the United States with an end-to-end yard gate management solution that helps distribution centers streamline entry and exit in a secure, verified and trackable manner. To meet security and compliance requirements, yard gate management requires visibility of deliveries and drivers throughout different types of distribution centers.

For years, Regiscope leveraged a desktop-based software that used separate cameras, scanners, servers and databases to validate vehicles and drivers. Over time, it became clear that customers needed a more mobile platform that could connect Regiscope’s cloud servers, support software and offer a standardized way to record driver entry and exit at distribution centers across the entire supply chain.

That’s why the Regiscope team choose the TOUGHBOOK® N1 for its rugged, reliable and easy-to-use functionalities.

Meeting Security and Compliance Requirements in Supply Chain and Logistics 

In a single day, distribution centers can have more than 400 vehicles enter and exit the property, and reporting needs to be accurate. In some instances, such as at Certified Cargo Screening Facilities and C-TPAT facilities, if identities, trucks and shipments are not accurately recorded the company can be charged with heavy compliance fines.

The TOUGHBOOK N1 helps Regiscope’s customers produce hourly and daily reports to optimize operations and meet compliance standards. Its rear-facing barcode reader helps supply chain and transportation and logistics customers more accurately enter data to monitor shipment theft, undocumented drivers or unscheduled deliveries and pickups. With support from Panasonic’s ProServices team and the SOTI MOBIControl app, Regiscope’s customers are supported throughout the entire deployment process and have a customizable solution fit for each customer’s needs.

Overall, introducing the TOUGHBOOK N1 has helped 50 customers across the United States streamline operations, increase communications and operate with better efficiency and reporting. The combination of software and the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK N1 is enabling greater visibility into yard gate management and operational efficiency while meeting security and compliance requirements.

For more information on why Regiscope chose the TOUGHBOOK N1 for yard visitor management, check out the full case study.