TOUGHBOOK 40: The Top Rugged Laptop for Performance and Durability

In today’s digitally transformed world, field service technicians not only need reliable and durable rugged devices, they also need an innovative solution that delivers next-level power, speed and connectivity. To address those needs, today we launched the TOUGHBOOK 40, a modular, rugged laptop that brings extreme performance, modularity and durability to mobile workers in some of the most challenging environments. Coupled with a full suite of certified hardware and software solutions and deployment and sustainment services through Panasonic ProServices, this rugged laptop helps keep field service technicians productive anywhere the job takes them.

A Rugged Laptop Designed For Ease-Of-Use

The TOUGHBOOK 40 was designed with the user experience in mind and incorporates several features designed to streamline operations for mission critical workers. A large 14” FHD touch screen makes it easier to view content on the go, while color-selectable backlit keyboard icons mean work can continue even in the darkest environments. With so many users working outside the traditional office, the device can handle all sorts of weather. It offers a larger touchpad that’s easier to move, even with gloves on and in the rain, so workers don’t have to worry about the weather interfering with their day.  

The New Standard for Modular Laptops

Modularity continues to be a staple for TOUGHBOOK as flexibility and customizability are priorities for customers. Adding the TOUGHBOOK 40 to our modular product lineup ensures customers will have multiple form factors to choose from when seeking out customizable solutions.

The TOUGHBOOK 40 ups the ante on modularity, offering customers more customization with eight user-replaceable areas including access to four expansion areas. From hot-swappable batteries, to expanded memory and user-replaceable storage, this type of flexibility is crucial so users can customize the device to their individual needs both now and as those needs change in the years ahead.  

Check out some of the unique benefits it offers to workers in these industries:

Utilities | Federal Government/Military | Public Sector 


Utilities: Access Data Wherever the Job Takes You

A recent industry report by Deloitte found that the “unprecedented frequency, intensity and unpredictability of extreme climate and weather events in 2021” will encourage utilities to place greater emphasis on resiliency strategies in 2022. In order to keep up, field service technicians need flexible technology solutions that support them in any type of situation whether it’s keeping an oil rig running or restoring a community’s power after a storm. That’s where the modularity and configurability of the TOUGHBOOK 40 supports utility workers with options to customize each rugged laptop to their unique needs. Utility companies can even extend the value of their device fleet by attaching ports that connect to both older and newer hardware.

Utility workers are on the road and in the field for the majority of their days, sometimes in very rural areas where connectivity can be an issue. With their vehicles transforming into a remote office, their ability to perform tasks — whether accessing and retrieving critical information from CAD files and schematics or reviewing digital twin models — is reliant on device connectivity and power. The TOUGHBOOK 40 connectivity options range from 4G to 5G, enabling workers to perform their jobs no matter where they are. The 5G modem* supports 4G (LTE, LTE-A), as well as 5G (mmWave, C-band, Sub6) and speeds up to 5.5 Gbps.

Maintaining communication is crucial, especially as situations unfold and may require additional support or remote consultation. The TOUGHBOOK 40 2-in-1 rugged laptop can help streamline that collaboration process through enhanced wireless capabilities, helping field service technicians email and share files with each other in real time even in remote areas. Further, its long-lasting replaceable batteries ensure workers can continue to correspond with each other and operate those power-intensive programs for the duration of their shifts.

Government: Security and Reliability Where They Are Needed Most

Designed with higher levels of encryption and tamper resistance, the TOUGHBOOK 40 keeps the most sensitive data protected and secure. For emergency situations that require a complete removal of device data, the TOUGHBOOK 40 offers a new Secure Wipe option that applies a voltage spike easily and securely to remove all contents on the drive in less than 10 seconds as opposed to minutes or hours. Likewise, the rugged laptop features the first 5MP webcam in its class for enhanced video conferencing, including a privacy cover for situations when security precautions limit video use.  Additionally, units can be shipped with the webcam disabled in the BIOS or it can even be physically removed, if required. 

Military: A Rugged Laptop Mobile Command Center

Military technology must walk the fine line between durability and portability. In the field, military personnel need to be able to access intricate software platforms with just as much processing power and ease-of-use as they would experience using a device at a central command center. The TOUGHBOOK 40 was designed for this exact purpose. Its processing power coupled with powerful AMD* dedicated graphics or optional Intel Iris Xe Graphics can handle advanced software applications and large amounts of video feeds, high-end imagery like drone footage, and the remote control of UAVs from a distant location. In addition maximum durability, its screen features enhanced night vision capabilities and is large enough to decipher precise and intricate plans, allowing for a seamless user experience. 

Modularity also ensures that military users can switch out device features on their own in real time as needs change. For instance, when long missions require operating the device for extended periods of time, they can bring a hot-swappable battery expansion pack (xPAK) and insert it into the rugged laptop as needed. They can also expand the device memory and storage if they find themselves needing to download and store more files.

While the device comes standard with encrypted OPAL SSDs (FIPS 140-2 encrypted SSDs are optional), depending on the situation, workers can customize the security features of the device by choosing from five different authentication xPAK’s including fingerprint and insertable smart card readers. This flexibility is especially crucial for operations that require long stints away or offshore assignments where access to an IT team is not possible.

Public Sector: Modularity to Support First Responders

A recent survey uncovered that public safety professionals are finding their jobs more challenging, citing the need for enhanced collaboration and streamlined information sharing. They need devices that are as dependable as they are flexible, allowing them to access critical information and communicate in real time in loud, chaotic environments. To assist with that communication, the TOUGHBOOK 40 provides superior voice accuracy with its tetra array microphones and class-leading 95db front speakers. 

Situational awareness is one of the most important elements of an effective response plan. That’s where developing the proper remote workstation becomes crucial. The advanced docking support of the TOUGHBOOK 40 features the industry’s first quad pass through connectors for maximum performance and has the industry’s first software configurable pass through connectors for maximum flexibility. Enhanced connectivity also enables quick video, image and file sharing even in remote locations. Critical information — like building floorplans, electric car schematics and updated warrants — can be sent directly to responders at the site of an emergency to support real-time decision-making.

With strict budget constraints often posing a challenge to public safety professionals, modular rugged laptops can help future-proof investments, as agencies can swap for new device capabilities when requirements, roles, functionalities and technologies change. 

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