Mobile Solutions for the Connected Supply Chain

Companies can manage compliance and boost visibility in every stage of the supply chain by pairing mobile solutions with supply chain management applications.


All companies, especially in heavily regulated industries, must ensure their supply chains meet compliance regulations. Data capture is a critical part of this effort, which is where mobile solutions come in. Not only are mobile devices used by workers at every stage of the supply chain, but the software loaded onto them ensures that the real-time data collection is accurate and compliant.


Capturing data means boosting visibility from the first to the last mile. Data allows supply chain professionals to gather deeper intelligence of the entire operation, from truck routes and carbon emissions, to how much vibration manufacturing machines can tolerate. This level of insight ultimately helps them determine the best possible business outcomes. 


Mobile solutions at the edge can also help companies connect their digital tools and automate processes to make better operational decisions. True resiliency is achieved when supply chain leaders can predict issues and dynamically respond with agile solutions, even in the face of disruption.


To design an efficient supply chain, supply chain professionals should consider building a smart edge plan. They can then cover network design, data storage, and retention and visibility designs, which ensure efficiency and transparency in the supply chain, enabling companies to address disruption before it impacts customers. 


Companies can build resilience into the supply chain with solutions that deliver visibility from factory to customer doorstep. To learn more about how Panasonic’s mobile solutions can create an efficient, connected supply chain, download the interactive whitepaper.