At Long Last: The Last Mile Challenge Solved

Last mile delivery is the final stage in a package’s journey, when the shipment moves from a warehouse or distribution center to its ultimate destination at the customer’s home or business. Whether a company handles small-volume orders going to multiple locations or large-volume orders going to a few destinations, the key factors in this step are speed and cost; every company wants their customers to receive their purchases as quickly and inexpensively as possible. 

Unfortunately, for many businesses, last mile delivery often serves as the most inefficient and one of the most expensive processes in their delivery chain. This can be attributed to a number of issues, including traffic, weather, and long travel distances. Businesses that cannot overcome these obstacles risk customer dissatisfaction, which may lead to the loss of customers to competitors. 

Selecting a last-mile delivery solution is an important aspect of a company’s supply chain strategy.
Organizations need software that allows them to track, manage, and optimize delivery routes, as well as durable, reliable, and versatile devices that can withstand rain, heat, cold, and dirt – for optimal package scanning performance or capturing a proof of delivery signature. When built with smart tracking, consistent connectivity, and superior effectiveness in mind, these devices can help provide real-time access to critical software solutions that help businesses optimize their last mile delivery operations in many ways.  

Panasonic offers numerous product solutions that can assist companies in finally solving the last mile delivery challenge. Explore the infographic below to learn how and why it is important.